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Rank Name Raised
368th Dean Wright Dean Wright 6years $745
368th Justin Fausett Justin Fausett $745
371st Michael Adams Michael Adams $740
372nd Jana Norman Jana Norman 2years $737
373rd Paul Kline Paul Kline 2years $737
374th Antonio Arroyo Antonio Arroyo $735
375th Grace Peck Grace Peck $735
376th Jacqueline Feliciano Jacqueline Feliciano $734
377th Matt Lyon Matt Lyon 4years $734
378th Nate Maxfield Nate Maxfield 3years $733
379th Scott sinotte Scott sinotte 3years $732
380th Charlotte French Charlotte French 2years $731
381st Boyet Ruanto Boyet Ruanto 2years $731
382nd Trisha Griffin Trisha Griffin 4years $730
383rd Jim Needham Jim Needham 4years $730
384th Linda Koepke Linda Koepke 2years $730
385th Erika Smith Erika Smith $730
386th Norbert Schoeneich Norbert Schoeneich 4years $726
387th Christian Fernandez Christian Fernandez 3years $725
388th Verb Washington Verb Washington 7years $724