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Rank Name Raised
422nd George Olear George Olear 7years $267
423rd Joseph Kozlowski Joseph Kozlowski 2years $265
423rd Michael McComb Michael McComb 2years $265
425th Jim Ackermann Jim Ackermann 3years $264
426th Jackie Stoner Jackie Stoner 4years $264
426th MaraLee Landrum MaraLee Landrum 2years $264
426th Paul Griffiths Paul Griffiths 2years $290
429th Peter Smetana Peter Smetana 2years $264
430th Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 4years $260
431st Bill Kirchoff Bill Kirchoff 6years $260
431st Jane Parmel Jane Parmel 4years $260
433rd Jim Haisler Jim Haisler 7years $259
434th Beckie Johnston Beckie Johnston 6years $259
434th Calvin Montgomery Calvin Montgomery 3years $259
434th Chris Hoelzel Chris Hoelzel 4years $259
434th Dave Althaus Dave Althaus 2years $259
434th Gary Christopher Gary Christopher 3years $259
434th George Bentley George Bentley 3years $259
434th Howard Fitzwater Howard Fitzwater $259
434th Laura Zuchovicki Laura Zuchovicki 7years $259