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Rank Name Raised
910th Chris Page Chris Page $2,258
911th Sarina Johnson Sarina Johnson $2,256
912th Sherry Swehla Sherry Swehla $2,255
913th Bob Dickman Bob Dickman $2,254
914th Pat Parte Pat Parte $2,253
915th Joe Loubier Joe Loubier $2,252
916th Michael Downey Michael Downey $2,251
917th Nicole Soreng Nicole Soreng $2,250
918th Lindsey Pugh Lindsey Pugh $2,250
919th Matt Otto Matt Otto $2,241
920th Theresa Blye Stanton Theresa Blye Stanton $2,237
921st Matt Marshall Matt Marshall $2,234
922nd Palmer Steiner Palmer Steiner $2,232
923rd Belinda MacLean Belinda MacLean $2,228
924th marc Levine marc Levine $2,227
925th Randee Almquist Randee Almquist $2,225
926th Craig Venson Craig Venson $2,224
927th Tina Greene Tina Greene $2,221
928th Gary Roling Gary Roling $2,220
929th Eric Wood Eric Wood $2,219