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Rank Name Raised
80th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $5,748
81st Greg Mudge Greg Mudge $5,721
82nd Tom Walsh Tom Walsh $5,656
83rd Mary Lee Hilt Mary Lee Hilt $5,624
84th Lauren Edwards Lauren Edwards $5,552
85th Dave Kinney Dave Kinney $5,534
86th Buddy Sims Buddy Sims $5,511
87th Peter Vottis Peter Vottis $5,506
88th Cali Pennell Cali Pennell $5,488
89th David Kujawa David Kujawa $5,477
90th Mike Schiller Mike Schiller $5,477
91st Abdullah Bushnaq Abdullah Bushnaq $5,465
92nd Elizabeth Hart Elizabeth Hart $5,448
93rd Michael Cohen Michael Cohen $5,447
94th Laina Rajala Laina Rajala $5,443
95th David Hausner David Hausner $5,394
96th Terry Haynes Terry Haynes $5,379
97th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $5,341
98th Andy Spradling Andy Spradling $5,320
99th Brenda Douville Brenda Douville $5,318