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Rank Name Raised
156th Dave Nealon Dave Nealon $72
156th Don Munkres Don Munkres $72
156th Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez $72
156th Isaura Gonzalez Isaura Gonzalez $72
156th Maria Novak Maria Novak $72
156th Pete Wingier Pete Wingier $72
156th Verb Washington Verb Washington $72
N/A Robyn Michaels Robyn Michaels $0
164th Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban $71
165th Bob Bois Bob Bois $70
165th Donna Terry Moens Donna Terry Moens $70
165th Kelly Renkema Kelly Renkema $70
165th Larry Hall Larry Hall $70
165th Rhonda Del Rio Rhonda Del Rio $70
170th Brandon David East Brandon David East $66
170th Roselind Read Roselind Read $66
172nd Renee Fesler Renee Fesler $65
173rd Gini Brouillette Gini Brouillette $62
173rd Jonathan Roy Jonathan Roy $62
175th David Alan Montague David Alan Montague $61