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Rank Name Raised
3090th William Hanna William Hanna $1,089
3091st Cary Chrisco Cary Chrisco $1,089
3092nd Shelley Kisselback Shelley Kisselback 4years $1,089
3093rd Sabaa Ismail Sabaa Ismail 2years $1,089
3094th Jarett Caparotta Jarett Caparotta $1,089
3095th Alicia Kirkby Alicia Kirkby $1,089
3096th Sharisse Myren Sharisse Myren 3years $1,089
3097th Erica Losito Halley Erica Losito Halley $1,088
3098th Colette Summitt Colette Summitt 2years $1,088
3099th Mary Myers Mary Myers $1,088
3100th Angelica Legatos Angelica Legatos $1,088
3101st Monica Moreland Monica Moreland $1,087
3102nd Kim Giovannini Kim Giovannini $1,087
3103rd Sheila Brenner Sheila Brenner 3years $1,087
3104th Colleen Kamps Colleen Kamps 4years $1,087
3105th Nicholas Townsend Nicholas Townsend 2years $1,087
3106th Cassandra Peck Cassandra Peck $1,087
3107th Pamela Lemons Pamela Lemons 3years $1,087
3108th Pete Freudenberger Pete Freudenberger $1,086
3109th Rita Rodriguez Rita Rodriguez 2years $1,086