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Rank Name Raised
3153rd Jennifer Whitney Jennifer Whitney $950
3154th Timothy Quigg Timothy Quigg $950
3155th Thomas Herbert Thomas Herbert $950
3156th George Baden George Baden 3years $949
3157th Robin Heilmann Robin Heilmann 6years $949
3158th Karthik Kalikiri Karthik Kalikiri 2years $949
3159th Maureen Carpenter Maureen Carpenter 4years $948
3160th Deanna Phouthavone Deanna Phouthavone 2years $151
3160th Joseph Boncser Joseph Boncser 2years $948
3161st Mark Frumolt Mark Frumolt $948
3162nd Donald Winter Donald Winter $946
3163rd Debbie Kurth Debbie Kurth 4years $283
3163rd Theresa Donohue Theresa Donohue $946
3164th Avi Bulow Avi Bulow $946
3165th Barbara Rinehart Barbara Rinehart 2years $946
3166th Chad Heisey Chad Heisey 5years $946
3167th Mike Cole Mike Cole 2years $946
3168th Roger Campos Roger Campos 2years $945
3169th George Gonzalez George Gonzalez $945
3170th Tina Mascolino Tina Mascolino $945