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Rank Name Raised
3187th Annie Doherty Annie Doherty 2years $1,065
3188th Jeremy Schweitzer Jeremy Schweitzer 4years $1,065
3189th Taylor DaBell Taylor DaBell 4years $1,065
3190th David Younglove David Younglove 2years $1,065
3191st Andrew Rivera Andrew Rivera 3years $1,065
3192nd Jason O'Flaherty Jason O'Flaherty 2years $1,064
3193rd Anna Pugh Anna Pugh $1,064
3194th Terrill Story Terrill Story $1,064
3195th Chris Rehklau Chris Rehklau $1,064
3196th Ed Williams Ed Williams 2years $1,064
3197th Raul Alvarez Raul Alvarez 4years $1,064
3198th Christopher Rodeschin Christopher Rodeschin 2years $1,064
3199th David Kratt David Kratt 3years $1,064
3200th Jay Burkhard Jay Burkhard 3years $1,064
3201st Thomas Atkinson Thomas Atkinson $1,063
3202nd Dhiraj Duraiswami Dhiraj Duraiswami 5years $1,063
3203rd Glenn Heath Glenn Heath $1,063
3203rd Karol Howes Karol Howes 2years $1,035
3204th Fons Webb Fons Webb 3years $1,062
3205th Dan Schwartz Dan Schwartz $1,062