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Rank Name Raised
14010th James Johnson Jr James Johnson Jr 4years $114
5090th Regan Goldring Regan Goldring 2years $743
4579th Kara Shemeth Kara Shemeth 2years $809
3974th Landon Andrew Gavin Landon Andrew Gavin 4years $917
782nd Scott Johnson Scott Johnson 5years $2,687
4439th Amy Flynn Amy Flynn 2years $792
N/A Xavier Parcellier Xavier Parcellier $0
2955th Dave Mailloux Dave Mailloux 3years $1,119
1675th Dr. W. Alan Dixon, Sr. Dr. W. Alan Dixon, Sr. $1,632
1578th John Brennan John Brennan 2years $1,695
15232nd Steven Ayers Steven Ayers 5years $76
N/A Jesse Anderson Jesse Anderson $0
13707th Mackay Cate Mackay Cate $124
N/A Justin Price Justin Price $0
N/A Julie Van Den Heuvel Julie Van Den Heuvel $0
N/A Chris Zajac Chris Zajac 2years $0
11992nd Hal Rich Hal Rich 2years $215
14114th David Boyle David Boyle $109
3761st Sue Leeming Sue Leeming $998
N/A Jeff Harding Jeff Harding 4years $0