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Rank Name Raised
3176th Dayna Alexander Dayna Alexander $104
3176th Dean Grace Dean Grace 2years $104
3176th Deborah Karels Deborah Karels 6years $104
3176th Dede Moore Dede Moore $104
3176th Denise Pascual Denise Pascual 2years $104
3176th Desiree Healy Desiree Healy $104
3176th Diana Wiig Diana Wiig 4years $104
3176th Don Starns Don Starns 2years $104
3176th Donna Higgons Donna Higgons 2years $104
3176th Doug Crites Doug Crites 3years $104
3176th Doug Jahnke Doug Jahnke 2years $104
3176th Eileen Vickers Eileen Vickers 4years $104
3176th Elias Modiano Elias Modiano 2years $104
3176th Elizabeth Aversa Elizabeth Aversa 2years $104
3176th Ellie Mendesh Ellie Mendesh 4years $104
3176th Eric Johnson Eric Johnson $104
3176th Erica Parriott Erica Parriott 2years $104
3176th Erik Johnson Erik Johnson 5years $104
3176th Evan Fusco Evan Fusco 3years $104
3176th Fanny M. Mandelberger Fanny M. Mandelberger $104