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Rank Name Raised
3175th Frank Ross Frank Ross 2years $104
3175th Fred Rentas Fred Rentas 3years $104
3175th Gabriel Garman Gabriel Garman $104
3175th Gail Barnett Gail Barnett 2years $104
3175th Gary Alan Touvell Smith Gary Alan Touvell Smith 3years $104
3175th Gary Morgan Gary Morgan 5years $104
3175th Gaston Flores Gaston Flores 2years $104
3175th George Grant George Grant 2years $104
3175th Gerald Vetter Gerald Vetter 5years $104
3175th Gina Leverette Gina Leverette 4years $104
3175th Graciette DaSilva Graciette DaSilva $104
3175th Greg Hurlbut Greg Hurlbut $104
3175th Grzegorz Bara Grzegorz Bara $104
3175th Gunal Kanna Gunal Kanna $104
3175th Guy Casarella Guy Casarella 2years $104
3175th Guy Mery Guy Mery 5years $104
3175th Holly Hutchinson Holly Hutchinson 5years $104
3175th Hugo Lima Hugo Lima $104
3175th Ian Cain Ian Cain $104
3175th Ian Tester Ian Tester 2years $104