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Rank Name Raised
3176th Ian Tester Ian Tester 2years $104
3176th Ilan Rubinfeld Ilan Rubinfeld 2years $104
3176th Ivy Wam Ivy Wam $104
3176th Jack Keaton Jack Keaton 3years $104
3176th Jackie Miraglia Jackie Miraglia $104
3176th James Case James Case $104
3176th James Cates James Cates $104
3176th James Cope James Cope $104
3176th James Delgado James Delgado $104
3176th James Giermanski James Giermanski 2years $104
3176th Jami Gonzalez Jami Gonzalez 2years $104
3176th Jamie Castle Jamie Castle $104
3176th Jason Chandlee Jason Chandlee $104
3176th Jason Gruenwald Jason Gruenwald 2years $104
3176th Jason Hanks Jason Hanks 5years $104
3176th Jason King Jason King 4years $104
3176th Jay Holmes Jay Holmes $104
3176th Jeanette Navarro Jeanette Navarro $104
3176th Jeannemarie Cregan Jeannemarie Cregan 5years $104
3176th Jeannette Weiss Jeannette Weiss 4years $104