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Rank Name Raised
658th Joan Findley Joan Findley 3years $2,849
11612th Ivonne Cintron Diaz Ivonne Cintron Diaz $247
4542nd Matt Ferro Matt Ferro 2years $814
5198th David Beals David Beals 2years $729
4414th Corey Tabor Corey Tabor 2years $834
N/A Jeremy Loper Jeremy Loper $0
6869th George Gyulafia George Gyulafia $588
1983rd John Cloutier John Cloutier 2years $1,467
604th Steve Mickley Steve Mickley 3years $2,953
6697th Kris Sheehan Kris Sheehan $600
N/A Carlos Cornejo Carlos Cornejo $0
8980th Greg McLain Greg McLain 3years $1,207
7410th Louis Rimbach Louis Rimbach $556
7496th Timothy Atkinson Timothy Atkinson $551
245th Christopher Nikles Christopher Nikles 6years $4,318
4506th Andy Raduski Andy Raduski $494
702nd Alexander Gershenson Alexander Gershenson $2,780
3567th Jhonatan Orjuela Jhonatan Orjuela 3years $1,010
1234th George Musick George Musick 3years $2,036
3103rd Sheila Brenner Sheila Brenner 3years $1,087