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Rank Name Raised
3371st Kris Hofstedt Kris Hofstedt 2years $1,040
3371st Timothy Quigg Timothy Quigg $1,040
3373rd Marcia Hyde Marcia Hyde 2years $1,040
3374th Vicki Kujawa Vicki Kujawa 3years $1,040
3375th Ben Stephens Ben Stephens 2years $1,040
3376th Julie McSweeney Julie McSweeney 2years $1,039
3377th Sharon Vickrey Sharon Vickrey 2years $1,039
3378th John Hoemann John Hoemann 2years $1,039
3379th Steven Rigby Steven Rigby $1,039
3380th Doug Matkins Doug Matkins 3years $1,038
3381st Ron Kelly Ron Kelly $1,038
3382nd Ronnie King Ronnie King $1,038
3383rd Suchit Thaduru Suchit Thaduru $1,038
3384th Cynthia Castillo Cynthia Castillo 2years $1,038
3384th Jo Miller Jo Miller 3years $1,038
3386th Scott Gaspar Scott Gaspar 4years $1,037
3387th Rownan Coolbaugh Rownan Coolbaugh $1,037
3388th Josh McBride Josh McBride 2years $1,037
3389th Kenneth Byrne Kenneth Byrne 2years $1,037
3390th G Terence Leslie G Terence Leslie 5years $1,036