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Rank Name Raised
345th Casey Lilac Casey Lilac 6years $100
345th Dan Nguyen Dan Nguyen $100
345th Denise Fitch Denise Fitch 4years $100
345th Helen Romeo Helen Romeo 7years $100
345th Jason Meserve Jason Meserve 3years $100
345th Rob Freitas Rob Freitas 3years $100
345th Saif Uddin Saif Uddin 3years $100
345th Scott Townsend Scott Townsend 6years $100
345th Yaacov "Zaidie" Metzger Yaacov "Zaidie" Metzger 3years $100
355th John Toomey John Toomey 3years $98
356th Brianna Caissie Brianna Caissie 3years $98
356th R M R M 3years $98
356th Rick Weaver Rick Weaver 3years $98
359th Ovadyah Freedberg Ovadyah Freedberg 4years $91
360th Ian Pack Ian Pack $90
361st Ronnie Sandoval Ronnie Sandoval 3years $88
361st Thomas Benes Thomas Benes 3years $88
361st Victoria Zolot Victoria Zolot $88
364th Tom Rauch Tom Rauch 5years $87
365th Janelle Whitt Janelle Whitt 3years $83