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Rank Name Raised
355th Paul Cole Paul Cole 4years $52
355th Paula Redden Paula Redden 2years $52
355th Roderick Moore Roderick Moore 4years $52
355th Steven Novak Steven Novak 2years $52
355th Ted Muench Ted Muench 3years $52
381st C. Bradford Banks C. Bradford Banks 5years $51
382nd Brian Stephens Brian Stephens 3years $50
382nd Chris Haave Chris Haave 4years $50
382nd Daniel Moore Daniel Moore 3years $50
382nd Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman 6years $50
60th Elizabeth Sell Elizabeth Sell 3years $50
382nd Gage Jackson Gage Jackson $50
382nd John Brunette John Brunette 4years $50
382nd John Strassenreiter John Strassenreiter 7years $50
382nd Joshua Geschwender Joshua Geschwender 3years $50
382nd Kevin Fletcher Kevin Fletcher 4years $50
391st Jay Hill Jay Hill 7years $47
391st Tom Bradford Tom Bradford 6years $47
391st Yesenia Roman Yesenia Roman $47
394th Chris Harper Chris Harper 3years $46