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Rank Name Raised
518th Beth Moses Beth Moses 3years $202
518th Darryl Almassy Darryl Almassy 2years $202
518th Don Peterson Don Peterson 2years $202
518th Jerry Ramsey Jerry Ramsey 2years $202
518th John Murray John Murray 2years $202
518th Marty Careyote Marty Careyote 2years $202
518th Penny Livermore Penny Livermore 4years $202
518th Steven Bradley Steven Bradley 6years $202
518th Wyatt Pruitt Wyatt Pruitt 3years $202
527th Kathy Weier Kathy Weier 4years $202
528th Robert Hamby Robert Hamby 2years $201
529th Gail Gibbs Gail Gibbs 3years $201
530th Cuc Huynh Cuc Huynh 2years $200
530th Dave Roberts Dave Roberts 2years $200
530th Frank Krebs Frank Krebs 7years $200
530th Gene ONeill Jr Gene ONeill Jr 3years $200
530th John Chenet John Chenet $200
530th Scott Turbee Scott Turbee $200
530th Steven Smith Steven Smith 2years $200
530th Veronica O’Brien Veronica O’Brien 3years $200