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Rank Name Raised
N/A Wade Parmer Wade Parmer $0
N/A Joe Romero Joe Romero $0
N/A Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn $0
N/A Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor $0
N/A Yianni Koukoutsis Yianni Koukoutsis $0
N/A Dan Corria Dan Corria $0
N/A Angelina Moreno Angelina Moreno $0
N/A Joe Mobus Joe Mobus $0
N/A Andrew Staffileno Andrew Staffileno $0
N/A Archie Johnson Archie Johnson $0
N/A Brendan Timothy Brendan Timothy $0
N/A Carol Gilpin Shannon Carol Gilpin Shannon $0
N/A Christopher Austin Christopher Austin $0
N/A Cindy Folding Cindy Folding $0
N/A Cindy Jansen Cindy Jansen $0
N/A Emily Schmidt Emily Schmidt $0
N/A Ervin Guzman Ervin Guzman $0
N/A Franklin Schultz Franklin Schultz $0
N/A George Singleton George Singleton $0
N/A George Singleton George Singleton $0