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Rank Name Raised
N/A Timothy Myers Timothy Myers $0
170th Bob Lee Bob Lee $100
409th Garry Rodriguez Garry Rodriguez $20
N/A Jeffery Elway Jeffery Elway $0
N/A Joe Guyette Joe Guyette $0
N/A Jeffrey Cargill Jeffrey Cargill $0
N/A Jeffrey Cargill Jeffrey Cargill $0
254th Jenn Bushman Jenn Bushman $50
5th Joel Falter Joel Falter $1,344.26
N/A Michael Abel Michael Abel $0
N/A Robb Schubert Robb Schubert $0
N/A Shadaia Hill Shadaia Hill $0
N/A Shawn Watson Shawn Watson $0
N/A Stan Coats Stan Coats $0
N/A Trisha Luke Trisha Luke $0
370th William Dorman William Dorman $30
343rd Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $35
N/A Hannah Donlan Hannah Donlan $0
N/A Dan Knight Dan Knight $0
N/A Dave Coker Dave Coker $0