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Rank Name Raised
3175th Christopher Morales Christopher Morales $104
3175th Christopher Payne Christopher Payne 2years $104
3175th Christopher Weber Christopher Weber 4years $104
3175th Christy Fansher Christy Fansher $104
3175th Chuck Frazier Chuck Frazier 3years $104
3175th Chuck Murray Chuck Murray 3years $104
3175th Cindy Chesser Ferrara Cindy Chesser Ferrara 6years $104
3175th Clarence Blackwell Clarence Blackwell $104
3175th Clayton Rodgers Clayton Rodgers $104
3175th Cliff Freeman Cliff Freeman 2years $104
3175th Colleen Lisa Hylton Colleen Lisa Hylton $104
3175th Colleen Stack Parriott Colleen Stack Parriott 2years $104
3175th Courtney Kramer Courtney Kramer 2years $104
3175th Courtney Rende Courtney Rende $104
3175th Craig Bersak Craig Bersak 5years $104
3175th Craig Wilkinson Craig Wilkinson 3years $104
3175th Crystal Jones Crystal Jones $104
3175th Crystal Kniffen Crystal Kniffen $104
3175th Crystal Leanos Crystal Leanos 2years $104
3175th Dale Johnson Dale Johnson 2years $104