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Rank Name Raised
3262nd Malcolm McDonald Malcolm McDonald 2years $109
3262nd Manon Mullane Manon Mullane $109
3262nd Melissa Holl Melissa Holl 4years $109
3262nd Nick Dalton Nick Dalton $109
3262nd Nick Swanson Nick Swanson 3years $109
3262nd Penny Sinisi Penny Sinisi 2years $109
3262nd Pete Freudenberger Pete Freudenberger $109
3262nd Peter Moulton Peter Moulton 3years $109
3262nd Rebecca Rouleau Rebecca Rouleau $109
3262nd Sarah Fitzgerald Sarah Fitzgerald 3years $109
3262nd Scott Pilgreen Scott Pilgreen 2years $109
3262nd Stacy Maxted Stacy Maxted $109
3262nd Stephen Smedberg Stephen Smedberg 2years $109
3262nd Steven Ebben Steven Ebben $109
3262nd Ted Rebstock Ted Rebstock 2years $109
3262nd Timothy Pence Timothy Pence 3years $109
3262nd Todd Vanderhoof Todd Vanderhoof 3years $109
3262nd Warner Myntti III Warner Myntti III $109
3262nd Zale Boutté Zale Boutté 2years $109
3302nd Anna Wolak Anna Wolak $109