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Rank Name Raised
3310th Alison Carley Alison Carley 4years $124
3310th Alison Gould Alison Gould 2years $124
3310th Allison Bergeron Allison Bergeron 4years $124
3310th Allyson Kolesik Allyson Kolesik $124
3310th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter 7years $124
3310th Andy Spradling Andy Spradling 3years $124
3310th Anthony Zuk Anthony Zuk 2years $124
3310th April Veerman April Veerman 3years $124
3310th Art Faccone Art Faccone 2years $124
3310th Audrey Cooper Tolouian Audrey Cooper Tolouian 6years $124
3310th Beth Blackman Beth Blackman 4years $124
3310th Bill Kempert Bill Kempert 2years $124
3310th Bill McSorley Bill McSorley 2years $124
3310th Bill Mester Bill Mester 2years $124
3310th Bill Perry Bill Perry 4years $124
3310th Bill Reick Bill Reick $124
3310th Bob BIERSCHEID Bob BIERSCHEID 4years $124
3310th Bob Lemke Bob Lemke 6years $124
3310th Bob Stirratt Bob Stirratt 2years $124
3310th Brenda Fish Brenda Fish 3years $124