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Rank Name Raised
3175th Jeff Fortier Jeff Fortier $104
3175th Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes 3years $104
3175th Jeffery Schmidt Jeffery Schmidt 3years $104
3175th Jeffrey Richey Jeffrey Richey 2years $104
3175th Jeffrey Riviera Jeffrey Riviera 2years $104
3175th Jen Lynch Jen Lynch 3years $104
3175th Jennie Boshell Jennie Boshell $104
3175th Jennifer Burnett Jennifer Burnett 2years $104
3175th Jennifer Conroy Jennifer Conroy 4years $104
3175th Jeremy Penaflor Jeremy Penaflor 5years $104
3175th Jerry Allen Jerry Allen 2years $104
3175th Jerry Greiner Jerry Greiner 4years $104
3175th Jesse Sutton Jesse Sutton 5years $104
3175th Jim Carter Jim Carter 4years $104
3175th Jim Marconi Jim Marconi 3years $104
3175th Joan Rinaldi Joan Rinaldi 2years $104
3175th Jody Brickman Jody Brickman 3years $104
3175th Joe Fuentes Joe Fuentes 6years $104
3175th Joe Paxton Joe Paxton 2years $104
3175th Joel Huston Joel Huston 2years $104