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Rank Name Raised
7728th Eric Phillips Eric Phillips 4years $488
7729th Alton Branum Alton Branum 5years $488
7730th Miguel Dominguez Miguel Dominguez 2years $487
N/A Luana Guelero Luana Guelero $0
7731st Stephani Ross Stephani Ross $487
7732nd Tara Wallace Tara Wallace 2years $487
7733rd Sasha Marcano Sasha Marcano $487
7734th Tammy Niederman Tammy Niederman $487
7735th Margaret Hansen Margaret Hansen 4years $487
7736th Mike Beaton Mike Beaton 6years $487
7737th Bruce Davison Bruce Davison 4years $487
7738th Benjaman Walter Benjaman Walter 3years $487
7739th Steve Gagne Steve Gagne 2years $487
7740th Joel Russell Joel Russell 2years $487
7741st Forrest Kelsey Forrest Kelsey $487
7741st Theresa Martin Theresa Martin 5years $487
7743rd Brett Mitchell Brett Mitchell $487
7744th Bruce MacEwen Bruce MacEwen 2years $486
7745th Steven Charlesworth Steven Charlesworth 2years $486
7746th Alan Lau Alan Lau $486