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Rank Name Raised
12873rd Scott Patton Scott Patton 2years $142
1181st Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 2years $1,842
N/A Eric Anglea Eric Anglea 2years $0
439th Dave Carta Dave Carta 2years $3,067
N/A Jon Graham Jon Graham $0
9491st Philip Paul Philip Paul 2years $369
7348th joe mirocke joe mirocke 3years $518
12877th Andre Peralta Andre Peralta 4years $142
6698th Gerry Stephenson Gerry Stephenson $556
3133rd Marcelo Ortigao Marcelo Ortigao $1,002
9223rd Ilya Viner Ilya Viner 2years $400
1673rd Manaen Schlabach Manaen Schlabach 2years $1,476
N/A Brandon Devroede Brandon Devroede 2years $0
9272nd Dominique Godefroy Dominique Godefroy $393
14555th John Tonetti John Tonetti 4years $83
4511th Michael Meyer Michael Meyer 2years $748
9915th Waldo Malan Waldo Malan $331
11010th Robyn Womac Robyn Womac 5years $249
N/A Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis 2years $0
N/A Yale Cohen Yale Cohen 2years $0