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Rank Name Raised
1773rd Paolo Piro Paolo Piro 3years $1,278
1098th Kevin Dowkes Kevin Dowkes 4years $1,792
3602nd Glenn Baldwin Glenn Baldwin 4years $780
12926th Adam Bretag Adam Bretag 7years $36
6304th Colton Peters Colton Peters 3years $503
6903rd Lara Freeman Lara Freeman 3years $442
14241st Diane Benoit Diane Benoit $31
7401st Jackson Szurley Jackson Szurley 2years $374
191st Albert Halverstadt Albert Halverstadt 3years $4,347
323rd Per Joergen Tviberg Per Joergen Tviberg 3years $3,488
N/A Michael Volpe Michael Volpe $0
11431st Mark Kirchner Mark Kirchner 5years $85
3429th Mirsad Kadic Mirsad Kadic 2years $813
1187th Richard Gottlieb Richard Gottlieb 5years $1,700
2653rd David Beeson David Beeson 4years $1,003
3995th Terry Cooper Terry Cooper 7years $711
4173rd Carlo Perscky Carlo Perscky 4years $684
7090th Lance Cooper Lance Cooper $419
9245th Mathew Dominguez Mathew Dominguez $202
48th Jim Catteau Jim Catteau 4years $7,729