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Rank Name Raised
888th Chris Guarraia Chris Guarraia $2,171
N/A Kenny Andrews Kenny Andrews $0
6577th Lenny Morio Lenny Morio $550
7159th Jason Lewis Jason Lewis $517
1439th Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary 5years $1,578
892nd Richard Gottlieb Richard Gottlieb 4years $2,162
1034th Beth Patrikas Beth Patrikas 6years $1,961
2967th Marcelo Ortigao Marcelo Ortigao $1,002
736th LeeAnn Payne LeeAnn Payne 7years $2,459
1992nd Denise Pascual Denise Pascual 2years $1,279
4075th Dan Schreiner Dan Schreiner 2years $786
6468th Jose Melo Jose Melo 2years $557
560th Uric Dufrene Uric Dufrene 2years $2,718
7525th Gerry Stephenson Gerry Stephenson $504
8996th Ilya Viner Ilya Viner 2years $400
1449th Cory Montgomery Cory Montgomery 2years $1,566
934th Andrew Kingdom Andrew Kingdom 2years $2,110
667th Michael McNally Michael McNally 3years $2,562
10917th Terrice Mcclain Terrice Mcclain $242
663rd Christian Weber Christian Weber 2years $2,572