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Rank Name Raised
7533rd Shane Duncan Shane Duncan $21
7533rd Shayla Carpenter Shayla Carpenter 2years $21
7533rd Sheila Moon-Weist Sheila Moon-Weist 3years $21
7533rd Shonda Casey Shonda Casey $21
7533rd Sidney G Castiblanco Sidney G Castiblanco 2years $21
7533rd Simone Bueno Simone Bueno 3years $21
7533rd Sly Watts Sly Watts 2years $21
7533rd Solmaz Kafi Solmaz Kafi $21
7533rd Sonya Miner Sonya Miner $21
7533rd Steve Karman Steve Karman 2years $21
7533rd Steve McCosh Steve McCosh $21
7533rd Stewart Brower Stewart Brower $21
7533rd Stuart Turnbull Stuart Turnbull 2years $21
7533rd Susan Deasey Susan Deasey 3years $21
7533rd Susan Stoltze Susan Stoltze $21
7533rd Tammy Zalucky Tammy Zalucky $21
7533rd Terry Lee Mautz Terry Lee Mautz $21
7533rd Thomas Martin Thomas Martin $21
7533rd Tiffany Gwinn Tiffany Gwinn 2years $21
7533rd Tiffany Snider Tiffany Snider 2years $21