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Rank Name Raised
15403rd Patrick Peck Patrick Peck 2years $52
7508th Isidro Planell Isidro Planell $505
11998th Steve Ballou Steve Ballou 3years $176
10257th Roger Vilela Roger Vilela 4years $285
1122nd Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 2years $1,842
9298th Philip Paul Philip Paul 2years $369
12753rd Donnie Gilmore Donnie Gilmore $140
N/A Carol Beliveau Carol Beliveau 3years $0
1991st Douglas Auld Douglas Auld 2years $1,281
5327th Patrick Kern Patrick Kern 2years $643
N/A Brandon Devroede Brandon Devroede 2years $0
9185th Ingolfur Haraldsson Ingolfur Haraldsson $380
N/A Bradan Orourke Bradan Orourke $0
10200th Waldo Malan Waldo Malan $289
N/A Cory Paquin Cory Paquin 3years $0
11588th David McAllister David McAllister 3years $200
7707th Couri Childs Couri Childs $501
8454th KEN McCain KEN McCain $442
3786th Terry Cooper Terry Cooper 6years $828
1606th Dwayne Palme Dwayne Palme $1,467