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Rank Name Raised
117th Ron Williams Ron Williams 7years $362
118th Linda Hovious Linda Hovious 4years $354
119th Allan Nash Allan Nash 4years $354
120th Reuben Rosenberg Reuben Rosenberg 3years $353
121st Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen 5years $352
122nd Jerome Burgess Jerome Burgess 6years $350
123rd JODY THOMAS JODY THOMAS 6years $347
124th Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn 7years $345
125th James Chaves James Chaves 7years $340
126th Vincent Artale Jr Vincent Artale Jr 2years $331
127th Sherry Swehla Sherry Swehla 4years $318
128th Michele Peel Michele Peel 3years $316
129th Nancy Calabria Nancy Calabria 6years $309
130th Ben Miller Ben Miller 2years $308
131st Pamela Ianni Pamela Ianni 7years $307
132nd RAYMOND Burkle RAYMOND Burkle $305
132nd William Fehrenbach William Fehrenbach $305
134th Joshua Mahoney Joshua Mahoney 2years $300
135th Larry Hall Larry Hall 4years $298
136th Andrew Rivera Andrew Rivera 4years $295