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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alicia Greenhauff Perez Alicia Greenhauff Perez $0
N/A Alina Parrett Alina Parrett $0
N/A Alisa Lahaie Alisa Lahaie $0
N/A Alisha Michele Hereid Alisha Michele Hereid $0
N/A Aliya Jones Aliya Jones $0
N/A Allen Kilpatrick Allen Kilpatrick $0
N/A Allison Crandall Allison Crandall $0
N/A Alva Sexton Alva Sexton $0
N/A Aly Kurz Aly Kurz $0
N/A Amalio De Leon Amalio De Leon $0
N/A amanda amann amanda amann $0
N/A Amanda Bise Amanda Bise $0
N/A Amanda Cheravitch Amanda Cheravitch $0
N/A Amanda Cummins Amanda Cummins $0
N/A Amanda Joyce Amanda Joyce $0
N/A Amanda Kelly Amanda Kelly $0
N/A Amanda Lewis Amanda Lewis $0
N/A Amanda McCall Amanda McCall $0
N/A Amanda Parlier Amanda Parlier $0
N/A Amanda Reding Amanda Reding $0