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Rank Name Raised
671st Jessica Shockley Jessica Shockley $500
671st Justin Jones Justin Jones $500
671st Kristy Richards Kristy Richards $500
671st Marc Schweikert Marc Schweikert $500
671st Margarita Lenk Margarita Lenk $500
671st Nicholas Key Nicholas Key $500
671st Roger Hagerty Roger Hagerty $500
671st Shane Utting Shane Utting $500
671st Steven Casatelli Steven Casatelli $500
671st Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein $500
671st Ted Molina Ted Molina $500
671st Zach Wagner Zach Wagner $500
688th Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry $1,111
693rd Pat Viera Pat Viera $498
694th Melissa Whipps Melissa Whipps $497
695th Martin Medina Martin Medina $493
696th Gaby Malcer Gaby Malcer $493
697th Rudy Salvucci Rudy Salvucci $492
698th Greg Vos Greg Vos $492
699th Jacqueline Routt Jacqueline Routt $491