• 19 Jan 2021

    3 years ago, at the age of nine, Nico was diagnosed with a glial tumor and hydrocephalus after a random fainting episode at Wal-Mart. Now, at the age of 12, from the outside he may look like your average kid. Reality is, though, he's everything from that. Yes, Nico is actually quite sick.

    You see, still after 3 years, all we know is that his tumor is cancerous, inoperable, and they actually have absolutely no clue what this cancer actually is. Nico displays so differently from any cases ever seen that they know it's at least very rare, but it's possible they've never seen this cancer before.

    In the past 3 years Nico has gone through over a half dozen brain surgeries and a countless number of emergent hospital visits. In October of 2019 Nico was being rushed to Phoenix Children's Hospital for an emergency brain surgery - his 4th one that year. Upon arriving to the hospital, Nico went completely unconscious and unresponsive, but thanks to God and the amazing team, they brought Nico back to us.

    However, 3 years later, we still sit here, waiting and hoping for some diagnosis, besides being told that it's a glial tumor. The symptoms Nico displays is beyond anything anybody has seen, and most recently the symptoms appear to no longer be in the left side if his brain but in the right side, too. But, while these symptoms appear, the tumor remains only in his left side. We pray that one day we will know more, not just for Nico, but for any child who may go through this in the future.

    Posted 248 days ago
  • 19 Jan 2021

    This September, Nico Pulido - The Super N is taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!

    Why? Because right now, cancer is the biggest killer of children from disease in the United States. Over 15,700 children are diagnosed every year, and sadly, 38 children die of cancer every week.

    Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

    So we are raising funds through our challenge to help these kids and support Children's Cancer Research Fund to allow them to continue their work to develop lifesaving treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.

    Please support us by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

    Your support will change little lives.

    Thank you.


    Posted 248 days ago