• $500 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    We just hit $500 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • $250 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    We just hit $250 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

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  • Three Amigos!!!
    16 Dec 2021

    Three Amigos!!! is a team of three boys fighting cancer.


    4 years ago, at the age of nine, Nico, was diagnosed with a glial tumor & hydrocephalus after a random fainting episode at Wal-Mart. Soon it was found that he had inoperable, terminal, brain cancer.

    Now, at the age of 13, on a "normal" day, he may look like your average kid. Reality is, though, he's everything from that. Yes, Nico is actually quite sick. You see, due to the fact the oncologists destroyed his biopsy, still after 4 years, all we know is that his tumor is cancerous, inoperable, terminal, and they actually have absolutely no clue what this cancer actually is.

    Nico displays so differently from any cases ever seen that they know it's at least very rare, but it's possible they've never seen this cancer before. In the past 3.5 years Nico has gone through over a half dozen brain surgeries and a countless number of emergent hospital visits. At one point, prior to his 4th emergency brain surgery, he had to be revived after going completely unresponsive. They kept him here on earth with us!


    Life took a devastating turn in July 2020 when Kasch was diagnosed with bone cancer, specifically B-Core Sarcoma, which is a subcategory of Ewingโ€™s Sarcoma. The oncologists believe it originated from one of the ribs on his right side. His parents took him in to have a lump in his chest examined, and were told there was a completely benign reason for it. This was 5 months ago. The lump continued to grow until his parents took him for a 2nd opinion. The worst fears were realized, and everything has happened very quickly since then. The cancer he has is very aggressive, which means his treatment has to be very aggressive. Heโ€™s had numerous scans, biopsies, and a surgery to place a port for his chemotherapy. Kasch continues his 7 months of chemotherapy. In November Kasch had surgery requiring the removal of three ribs and numerous muscles.


    In July 2020, Ty was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. A rare form of bone cancer. After going in for what we thought would be an abscess drain on July 2nd, he learned the diagnosis he had received was incorrect and Ty has a tumor in his pelvis. A biopsy was taken, and after a night in the hospital and a CT scan, he was told his tumor is cancerous.ย Since his diagnosis in July, he continues with chemotherapy and radiation in a near daily bases. Ty was the varsity kicked for his high school football team until that dreadful day when he found he would never play football again.

    Three Amigos!!!
    Posted 35 days ago
  • 16 Dec 2021

    This September, Three Amigos!!! is taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!

    Why? Because right now, cancer is the biggest killer of children from disease in the United States. Over 15,700 children are diagnosed every year, and sadly, 38 children die of cancer every week.

    Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

    So we are raising funds through our challenge to help these kids and support Children's Cancer Research Fund to allow them to continue their work to develop lifesaving treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.

    Please support us by making a donation to give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

    Your support will change little lives.

    Thank you.


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