Meet Myla

Myla is the kind of girl who makes everyone laugh. She loves being silly, playing with her friends, making art projects, listening to music and having dance parties with her little brother.

But it all changed in June 2020, when Myla’s mom noticed lumps on Myla’s neck and rushed her to see a doctor.

The doctor ran multiple tests for strep throat and mono, which came back negative. But then, when Myla and her mom were driving home, they received a call saying that Myla needed to go to hospital immediately. Myla spent over five hours in the emergency room before being admitted.

The very next morning, just before Myla’s 6th birthday, she was diagnosed with standard risk, pre-B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Just three weeks into her treatment, Myla began losing movement in her hands and even had trouble breathing. She was admitted to hospital three times in a 12-day span due to complications with fevers and severe neuropathy.

After multiple tests, it was determined that Myla was also suffering from a neurological disease, unrelated to her cancer, which shouldn’t have “activated” until much later in life.

Myla then had to endure an intense 2 weeks of rehabilitation. During the beginning of Myla’s rehabilitation process, her mom noticed how severely irritated Myla’s arm was. This began the 3-month process of discovering what Myla was allergic to so that they could solve this problem.

But after showing signs of seizures and being airlifted to hospital, it was revealed that the cause was Myla’s spinal tap.

Right now, Myla is in the delayed intensification phase of her cancer treatment. She has various tutors, teachers and health professionals who visit her home to help her with her health and online education.

Myla is also a passionate and dedicated dancer. When Myla’s ballet recital was cancelled in May 2020 due to covid, Myla got dressed up in her ballet costume regardless and danced the day away in her backyard.

As her mom shared with us“She has worked very hard in all of her therapies and is making great strides with her mobility. She has been so incredibly positive and upbeat. She is a shining light after all she has been through and Myla simply amazes me with her resilience.”

Now, this incredible girl is 8 years old and is having her last chemotherapy on September 1, 2022.

Keep dancing, laughing and sharing all of your amazing talents with the world, Myla. 

You will be in our thoughts as we ride for this September!