• You can Increase your Impact!
    6 Nov 2022

    Does your company match your charitable donations? Goldman Sachs and AJ Gallagher do, and I have received a matching donation for each. If you need help knowing how to submit a request, email me (mrmcpez@gmail.com). I am putting the logo of companies making a matching gift on my "Appreciation Jersey" (see below). I am also displaying the logo of companies that make a donation directly in support of my riding. Thank you, Hot or Not Yoga (keeping limber), Kapler's Pharmacy (keeping healthy), Doane Family Enterprises (the McDonald's where I get my iced coffee each morning), and Bunnies By The Bay (who donated the profits of their online sales on a special giving day). They are also the company that makes "Puppy," Wesley's special "comfort" stuffed animal and the clone I rode with on each of my rides this year. Check them out. Their products are adorable.

    You can Increase your Impact!
    Posted 23 days ago
  • You will be riding with me!
    6 Nov 2022

    I can't thank those that have donated enough. I was trying to think of a way to show my appreciation and wishing that some how there was a way for my supporters to ride with me. I got the idea of a creating a custom jersey that would be emblazoned my donor's names. I would wear the jersey on my rides in next years' GCC event to symbolically have the accompany me. I will be having the jersey made in a couple of weeks, which gives time for any late donors to be added. Also, if you have donated anonymously, and would like to have your name displayed, please email me so I can add you. (mrmcpez@gmail.com).

    You will be riding with me!
    Posted 23 days ago
  • 26.3 mi ride - GCC Ride #30 - My month of rides is now complete! - Sunday, October 30, 2022
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  • Visualization of my Commitment
    24 Oct 2022

    Finding better treatments for pediatric cancer is an on-going endeavor. It is not a one-and-done activity, nor is my riding in the Great Cycle Challenge. About ten years ago, I met someone who has become a good friend and cycling mate. Sadly, I learned his daughter had died from a form of pediatric brain cancer. A couple of years later, I saw an advertisement for a new cycling event with the purpose of raising funds for pediatric cancer research. I immediately signed up and have ridden in the event every year since its inception. I continue to ride in GCC so that one day a parent, like my friend, will be told there is a treatment for their child's cancer. Each year, the GCC sends a jersey to riders that meet a fundraising minimum. Thanks to my supporters, I have earned a jersey each year. This picture reflects my ongoing commitment to this cause and the generosity of my supporters. Someday in the future, there will no longer be the need the Great Cycle Challange. Until that day comes, and for as long as I am able, I will coninue to ride. Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

    Visualization of my Commitment
    Posted 37 days ago
  • 26.2 mi ride - GCC Ride #29 - Saturday, October 22, 2022
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  • Wesley's family's THANK YOU!
    20 Oct 2022

    Christy Jones and Justin Jones, the parents of Wesley, invited me over for lunch. When I arrived, I was so SURPRISED to see this sign, my entire family and a friend who accompanied me on many of my GCC rides. This wonderful gesture helped me realize the appreciation families with children fighting cancer have for the Great Cycle Challenge riders and the individuals who donate to help fund the research to find better treatments. I wish I could put a similar sign in the yard of each of my supporters. THANK YOU for donating!

    Wesley's family's THANK YOU!
    Posted 40 days ago
  • 30.2 mi ride - GCC Ride #28 - Saturday, October 15, 2022
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  • 27.3 mi ride - GCC Ride #27 - Friday, October 14, 2022
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  • Blood, Platelets and Plasma...oh My!
    14 Oct 2022

    For kids undergoing chemotherapy, they rely on donations of blood, platelets and plasma, as the chemo wreaks havoc on their own blood supply. Here is what one mother of a 5-year had to say: “Emery would not be able to recover from chemotherapy without lifesaving transfusions,” says her mom, Morgan. “Every time they hang a bag of platelets or blood up on her IV pole, I wish whoever donated that could see who it’s going to. There would be no chance for her to live, taking that chemotherapy, if it weren’t for the blood products.”

    Please consider donating. And, if you do, please let me know. (mrmcpez@gmail.com) I would love to add your name to this list. My goal is for us to donate 40 units, This is the number of transfusions Wesley Jones has received while undergoing his own chemotherapy.

    Blood, Platelets and Plasma...oh My!
    Posted 46 days ago
  • 21.5 mi ride - GCC ride #26 - Tuesday, October 11, 2022
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