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5 years old and under

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Rank Name Raised
1st Lynk Servey Lynk Servey 2years $3,682
2nd Owen Sumrall Owen Sumrall $1,108
3rd Milton Feliciano Milton Feliciano 4years $1,058
4th Maylin Mitchell Maylin Mitchell 2years $1,007
5th Riley Veillon Riley Veillon $1,003
6th Cameron Alpers Cameron Alpers $769
7th Vincent Kearney Vincent Kearney 2years $582
8th Conner Gleason Conner Gleason $576
9th Lana Lane Lana Lane $568
10th Jordy Lane Jordy Lane $528
11th Jennifer Aalbu Jennifer Aalbu 2years $527
12th Asa Withrow Asa Withrow 2years $392
13th Natalia Morris Natalia Morris 4years $369
14th Melody Vujicich Melody Vujicich $350
15th Aria Salomon Aria Salomon $171
16th Bryce Cook Bryce Cook 2years $168
17th Zoe Beronio Zoe Beronio 2years $153
18th Liam Buckley Liam Buckley $140
19th Alexander Croteau Alexander Croteau $110
20th Gunner Black Gunner Black $103
21st Kasen White Kasen White 2years $88
22nd Stacy Myers Stacy Myers 4years $65
23rd Amy Whitbeck Amy Whitbeck $60
24th Shannon Hull Hower Shannon Hull Hower $60
25th Lincoln Sigler Lincoln Sigler $51
26th Mary Evans Mary Evans $26
27th Cody Stinson Cody Stinson $10
28th Ashton O'Neill Ashton O'Neill $5
N/A Abdiel Baules Abdiel Baules $0
N/A Acelynn Grace Yocom Acelynn Grace Yocom $0
N/A Acelynn Grace Yocom Acelynn Grace Yocom $0
N/A Alessandro Frankiln Bonifaz Alessandro Frankiln Bonifaz $0
N/A Alfredo Serrano Alfredo Serrano $0
N/A Alma Palomeque Alma Palomeque $0
N/A Anthony Blahnik Anthony Blahnik $0
N/A Atharva Mane Atharva Mane $0
N/A Aurora Vinson Aurora Vinson 2years $0
N/A Brayden DRAPER Brayden DRAPER $0
N/A Brayton Baleja Brayton Baleja $0
N/A Carmen R Mota Carmen R Mota $0
N/A Cinthya A. Diaz Cinthya A. Diaz $0
N/A Den Guillermo Den Guillermo $0
N/A Denni Fernandes Denni Fernandes $0
N/A Dennis Johnson Dennis Johnson $0
N/A Diaz Isaac Diaz Isaac $0
N/A Dream Gala Dream Gala $0
N/A Emily Checco Emily Checco $0
N/A ergf fghfg ergf fghfg $0
N/A Fallon Washington Fallon Washington 2years $0
N/A Flaquita Bella Flaquita Bella $0