Why Childhood Cancer

15,700 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer each year, and 1 in 5 of those will not survive. Thankfully, we know that funding research can significantly impact survival rates and save lives. But we still have work to do to ensure that every child diagnosed with cancer can live a happy and healthy life. Here are some key reasons why we’re riding together this September to fight kids’ cancer.

  1. About 1 in 285 children will develop cancer before the age of 20.
  2. Cancer remains the most common cause of death by disease among children in the United States.
  3. More than 95% of childhood cancer survivors will have a significant health issue related to their cancer or treatment by the time they are 45 years old.

All funds raised go to support the work of Children’s Cancer Research Fund, a national nonprofit that funds researchers whose ideas are making the greatest impact for kids fighting cancer. We also provide resources and programs that help kids and families as they navigate the difficult experience of cancer treatment and survivorship. Your support allows us to continue our work to fight kids’ cancer and give kids the brighter futures they deserve. 

The road to better treatment options and cures always starts with riders like you. 

When you ride for Great Cycle Challenge, you are supporting the brightest minds whose ideas are making the greatest impact for kids.

We fund research at institutions nationwide, focusing on projects that allow researchers to prove their idea, then reach for even larger grants. Federal funding sources often don’t fund projects until much later in the process, which is why this early-stage support is so critical. This is why, on average, for every $1 Children’s Cancer Research Fund invests in research, our scientists are able to secure $18 of additional funding. In fact, more than half of all pediatric cancer research funding comes from foundations like Children’s Cancer Research Fund. With your help, we can move these great ideas forward by closing that funding gap.

We want to ensure that your fundraising efforts have the greatest impact, so we’ve chosen to focus our research funding on three main areas: hard-to-treat diseases, survivorship and health disparities. Read more about our unique approach to funding research.