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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Kahleesi Team Kahleesi $15,151
Members of Team Kahleesi
6th Tom Schultz Tom Schultz $4,560
7th Julie Spielman Julie Spielman $3,847
39th Sally Rech Sally Rech $1,577
43rd Andy Smith Andy Smith $1,519
111th Gwenael Lomenech Gwenael Lomenech $700
223rd TNR intheWild TNR intheWild $512
291st Lance Cooper Lance Cooper $366
313th Thad Gage Thad Gage $325
386th Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan $263
534th Rich Korman Rich Korman $197
574th Jason Campbell Jason Campbell $176
592nd John Brennan John Brennan $172
869th Dan Norman Dan Norman $109
900th Joe Hildebrand Joe Hildebrand $106
902nd Cathy Dougherty Cathy Dougherty $104
1070th Kahleesi Balcer-Byrne Kahleesi Balcer-Byrne $98
1171st Donna Marie Anilonis Donna Marie Anilonis $72
1171st Kathleen Pfeiffer Kathleen Pfeiffer $72
1360th Jay Godin Jay Godin $66
1365th Fisher Ames Fisher Ames $62
1365th Jade Vanderhoof Jade Vanderhoof $62
1703rd Andrew Hutchins Andrew Hutchins $36
1703rd Debra King Debra King $36
1703rd Kathy Moon Kathy Moon $36
2299th Kurt Harvilak Kurt Harvilak $26
2299th Levi Hogan Levi Hogan $26
N/A April Thompson April Thompson $0
N/A David Vaught David Vaught $0
N/A James Scott James Scott $0
N/A Kirsten Knowlton Kirsten Knowlton $0
N/A Lara Winchester Lara Winchester $0
N/A Melissa Wolcott Melissa Wolcott $0
N/A Orlando Perez Orlando Perez $0
N/A Stacey Roberts Stacey Roberts $0
2nd Team Joestrong Team Joestrong $11,591
Members of Team Joestrong
10th Dee Ide-eames Dee Ide-eames $2,901
22nd Shane Alimo Shane Alimo $2,200
87th Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $820
122nd Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $655
143rd Elsa Perez Cantu Elsa Perez Cantu $590
158th Randall Yagiela Randall Yagiela $565
219th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $516
284th Ronnie Sandoval Ronnie Sandoval $393
303rd Susan Jago Susan Jago $342
327th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $306
391st Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $259
420th Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu $249
450th Jim Pickell Jim Pickell $231
465th Helen Romeo Helen Romeo $227
674th Robert Buckley Robert Buckley $145
859th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok $114
902nd William McBroom William McBroom $104
1049th Loranda Buoy Loranda Buoy $102
1083rd Barb Kise Barb Kise $96
1129th Brian Stephens Brian Stephens $83
1159th Cheri Collins Cheri Collins $76
1171st Jennie Kenney Jennie Kenney $72
1171st Kelly Nulf Kelly Nulf $72
1351st Paula Smith Paula Smith $67
1703rd April VanHaitsma April VanHaitsma $36
1703rd Carol Garrison Carol Garrison $36
1703rd Darryl C Warren Darryl C Warren $36
1703rd David Hirte David Hirte $36
1703rd John Box John Box $36
1703rd Lauren Tigner Lauren Tigner $36
1703rd Nick Muntjan Nick Muntjan $36
1703rd Pascale Head Pascale Head $36
2242nd Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $35
2270th Norman Kzaz Norman Kzaz $31
2299th Robert Stephenson Robert Stephenson $26
2299th Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson $26
N/A Alejandra Penedo Alejandra Penedo $0
N/A Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $0
N/A Ansel Withrow Ansel Withrow $0
N/A Anthony Biddle Anthony Biddle $0
N/A Arley Fong Arley Fong $0
N/A Asa Withrow Asa Withrow $0
N/A Bill Thorne Bill Thorne $0
N/A Couri Childs Couri Childs $0
N/A Courtney Biggs Courtney Biggs $0
N/A David Bednar David Bednar $0
N/A David Sheffler David Sheffler $0
N/A Denise Hay Denise Hay $0
N/A Erika Schoberle Erika Schoberle $0
N/A Jackie Tabony Jackie Tabony $0
N/A Jane Sullivan Jane Sullivan $0
N/A Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman $0
N/A Jerry Doyle Jerry Doyle $0
N/A Jim Brandsasse Jim Brandsasse $0
N/A Jose Medina Jose Medina $0
N/A Justin Archuleta Justin Archuleta $0
N/A Kaiden Martin Kaiden Martin $0
N/A Karen Kruse Karen Kruse $0
N/A Laurie Pollard Laurie Pollard $0
N/A Lorraine Robles Lorraine Robles $0
N/A Michael Polley Michael Polley $0
N/A Phil Bennett Phil Bennett $0
N/A Riley Beute Riley Beute $0
N/A Rodger Moran Rodger Moran $0
N/A Terri Holt Terri Holt $0
N/A Travis Boyt Travis Boyt $0
N/A Twilia Prater Craft Twilia Prater Craft $0
3rd Sean Strother Family & Friends Sean Strother Family & Friends $4,117
Members of Sean Strother Family & Friends
16th Samantha Strozewski Samantha Strozewski $2,500
88th Janet Banks Janet Banks $811
200th Donald Strother Donald Strother $518
N/A Chloe Strother Chloe Strother $0
N/A Evelin Rios Evelin Rios $0
N/A jada strother jada strother $0
N/A Raymond Weeden Raymond Weeden $0
N/A Roslyn English Roslyn English $0
4th Infoblox - FaithBlox Infoblox - FaithBlox $3,420
Members of Infoblox - FaithBlox
41st Allen McNaughton Allen McNaughton $1,569
56th David Kolonauski David Kolonauski $1,209
182nd Billy Rusk Billy Rusk $538
902nd Eme Rusk Eme Rusk $104
N/A Kenneth Gregory Kenneth Gregory $0
5th 901 Wheel Warriors 901 Wheel Warriors $3,059
Members of 901 Wheel Warriors
38th Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry $1,584
163rd Jason Horn Jason Horn $558
256th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman $467
262nd Cindy Rickert Cindy Rickert $450
N/A Daryl Thomas Daryl Thomas $0
6th Team Jack Team Jack $2,787
Members of Team Jack
12th John Soyster John Soyster $2,787
7th CATS against kids cancer CATS against kids cancer $2,744
Members of CATS against kids cancer
13th David Spitulnik David Spitulnik $2,620
738th Paul Horner Paul Horner $124
N/A Jack Holliday Jack Holliday $0
8th Riley’s Legacy of Hope ‘24 Riley’s Legacy of Hope ‘24 $2,464
Members of Riley’s Legacy of Hope ‘24
34th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $1,713
239th Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $500
416th Brandon David East Brandon David East $252
N/A Christina Zukaitis Christina Zukaitis $0
N/A Stephanie Bowes Stephanie Bowes $0
9th Team BOB Team BOB $2,153
Members of Team BOB
25th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $2,081
1171st Kathryn Enslin Kathryn Enslin $72
10th That's How We Roll That's How We Roll $1,996
Members of That's How We Roll
30th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson $1,996
11th Cycling Crusaders Cycling Crusaders $1,945
Members of Cycling Crusaders
32nd alex Lorei alex Lorei $1,924
N/A Cody Livingston Cody Livingston $0
N/A Sheldon Jackson Sheldon Jackson $0
12th Team Ganti Team Ganti $1,933
Members of Team Ganti
37th Jagadesh Ganti Jagadesh Ganti $1,624
341st Janavi Kumar Janavi Kumar $293
2492nd Muthu Arumugam Muthu Arumugam $16
13th Beef Loving Texans Beef Loving Texans $1,898
Members of Beef Loving Texans
51st Chris Wong Chris Wong $1,338
738th Keira Poellet Keira Poellet $124
902nd Dan Hippman Dan Hippman $104
1052nd Deb Adams Deb Adams $100
1171st Janice Veteran Janice Veteran $72
1415th Julie Davidson Julie Davidson $52
1703rd Mike Colvin Mike Colvin $36
1703rd Pam Colvin Pam Colvin $36
2299th Mark Coleman Mark Coleman $26
2505th Aly Nunez Aly Nunez $10
N/A Adam Eiler Adam Eiler $0
N/A Adam Hartmann Adam Hartmann $0
N/A adelisa grace walker adelisa grace walker $0
N/A Amy Magness Amy Magness $0
N/A Angie Wilson Angie Wilson $0
N/A Benjamin Caba Benjamin Caba Benjamin Caba Benjamin Caba $0
N/A Beth Ann Matlock Beth Ann Matlock $0
N/A beth paul beth paul $0
N/A Brittany Tom Brittany Tom $0
N/A Catherine Broad Catherine Broad $0
N/A Cleve Meacham Cleve Meacham $0
N/A David Stevens David Stevens $0
N/A Debbie Casey Debbie Casey $0
N/A Erik Amador Erik Amador $0
N/A Hung Nguyen Hung Nguyen $0
N/A Jennifer Lamb Jennifer Lamb $0
N/A Jeri Braswell Jeri Braswell $0
N/A Jerry Do Jerry Do $0
N/A Jessi Hill Jessi Hill $0
N/A Joanna Teitel Joanna Teitel $0
N/A Joanne Avanti Joanne Avanti $0
N/A John Hill John Hill $0
N/A Kathy McWilliams Kathy McWilliams $0
N/A Linn Macejewski Linn Macejewski $0
N/A Liz Ladshaw Liz Ladshaw $0
N/A Maria Lisa Rushing Maria Lisa Rushing $0
N/A Mark Coppins Mark Coppins $0
N/A Monica Lambert Monica Lambert $0
N/A Norma Mendez Norma Mendez $0
N/A Peggy Smith Peggy Smith $0
N/A Sara Dudzikowski Sara Dudzikowski $0
N/A Scott Matlock Scott Matlock $0
N/A Susie Orsak Susie Orsak $0
N/A Tanya Gibson Tanya Gibson $0
N/A Tina Beecham Tina Beecham $0
N/A Tonya Mennem Tonya Mennem $0
N/A Tricia Cunningham Tricia Cunningham $0
14th Christian’s Crusaders Christian’s Crusaders $1,539
Members of Christian’s Crusaders
50th Larry Hall Larry Hall $1,340
15th Cancer No More! Cancer No More! $1,483
Members of Cancer No More!
44th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge $1,483
N/A Rob Orlowski Rob Orlowski $0
N/A Zachariah Dodge Zachariah Dodge $0
16th SOF Brothers & Sisters SOF Brothers & Sisters $1,385
Members of SOF Brothers & Sisters
47th Jim White Jim White $1,385
N/A Lisa Bowman Lisa Bowman $0
17th Team MPPAC Team MPPAC $1,306
Members of Team MPPAC
53rd David Jerome Blake David Jerome Blake $1,306
N/A Mike Connor Mike Connor $0
N/A Shanreka Sparkle Armstrong Shanreka Sparkle Armstrong $0
18th Ride2Cure Ride2Cure $1,208
Members of Ride2Cure
58th Manjeet K. Manjeet K. $1,172
19th Mayo Clinic Health System Mayo Clinic Health System $1,077
Members of Mayo Clinic Health System
336th Mary Holstad Mary Holstad $295
343rd Teresa Clements Teresa Clements $290
738th Anne Johnson Anne Johnson $124
738th Emily Loberg Emily Loberg $124
902nd Alyssa Larish Alyssa Larish $104
902nd Claire ELbert Claire ELbert $104
1703rd Erica Bauhs Erica Bauhs $36
N/A Heidi Mausolf Heidi Mausolf $0
N/A Kimberly Hale Kimberly Hale $0
N/A Raymond Loberg Raymond Loberg $0
N/A Seth Gregory Seth Gregory $0
629th Heather Sebahar Heather Sebahar $155
1703rd Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $36
1703rd Maria Elisa Bortolini Maria Elisa Bortolini $36
1703rd Marko Stankovic Marko Stankovic $36
1703rd Matthew McNerney Matthew McNerney $36
N/A Anna Valenti Anna Valenti $0
N/A David Reid David Reid $0
N/A Eva Naskova Eva Naskova $0
N/A Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes $0
N/A John Dickson John Dickson $0
N/A Johnathon Sanchez Johnathon Sanchez $0
N/A Josealberto Pagan Josealberto Pagan $0
N/A Linda Garnett Linda Garnett $0
N/A Marek Kana Marek Kana $0
N/A Marta Blahova Marta Blahova $0
N/A Melissa Wagner Melissa Wagner $0
N/A Moritz Chou Moritz Chou $0
N/A Noah Tsai Noah Tsai $0
N/A Patrick Glennon Patrick Glennon $0
N/A Pavel Svoboda Pavel Svoboda $0
N/A Petr Kejval Petr Kejval $0
N/A Sean Lu Sean Lu $0
N/A Sean Pirtle Sean Pirtle $0
N/A Stephen Sabo Stephen Sabo $0
N/A Tatiana Kotenkova Tatiana Kotenkova $0
N/A Tillmann Lunde Tillmann Lunde $0
N/A Tom Gulick Tom Gulick $0
N/A Victor Lee Victor Lee $0
N/A Yu Sasaki Yu Sasaki $0
21st Broward College Riders Broward College Riders $1,055
Members of Broward College Riders
65th Etty Sims Etty Sims $1,055
22nd Blue Shield of California Blue Shield of California $901
Members of Blue Shield of California
112th Vicki Kurtz Vicki Kurtz $698
524th Norm Cohen Norm Cohen $203
N/A Teri Vaziri Teri Vaziri $0
23rd I Love Gravel Racing I Love Gravel Racing $848
Members of I Love Gravel Racing
110th Courtney Meyet Courtney Meyet $703
1129th Pamela Harper Pamela Harper $83
N/A Bo Pasicolan Bo Pasicolan $0
N/A David Freeman David Freeman $0
N/A Frank Cain III Frank Cain III $0
24th Carci No-Más Carci No-Más $792
Members of Carci No-Más
251st Jimmy Wilson Jimmy Wilson $486
527th Janet Yaker Murray Janet Yaker Murray $202
902nd Gloria Statom Gloria Statom $104
N/A Caleb Caple Caleb Caple $0
N/A Chrys McMillin Chrys McMillin $0
N/A Juanita Padilla Juanita Padilla $0
N/A Ram Dyer Ram Dyer $0
N/A Victor Chavero Victor Chavero $0
25th OakleyStrong OakleyStrong $780
Members of OakleyStrong
2299th Cyndee Kiddoo Cyndee Kiddoo $26
Members of NEVER QUIT
94th Michael Kuttner Michael Kuttner $759
N/A Kathryn Fletcher Kathryn Fletcher $0
27th ShelDon ShelDon $759
Members of ShelDon
94th Shelley Knee Shelley Knee $759
28th NYC Boys NYC Boys $749
Members of NYC Boys
738th Frank Bator Frank Bator $124
902nd Breck Bator Pierce Breck Bator Pierce $104
29th Being the love riders Being the love riders $694
Members of Being the love riders
236th Nancy Waller Nancy Waller $501
1052nd Jeff Berndt Jeff Berndt $100
N/A Laurie Pierner Laurie Pierner $0
N/A Shelly Bolt Shelly Bolt $0
30th Team Carter Martin Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Team Carter Martin Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta $668
Members of Team Carter Martin Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
159th Alicia Willett Alicia Willett $564
902nd Kristi Fuqua Kristi Fuqua $104
N/A Haley Cowan Haley Cowan $0
N/A Jennifer Sterner-Allison Jennifer Sterner-Allison $0
31st Team MMCC Team MMCC $662
Members of Team MMCC
119th Siggy Tetteh Siggy Tetteh $662
32nd Team Finley Team Finley $651
Members of Team Finley
124th Mary Girouard Mary Girouard $651
33rd Bags Bicylists Bags Bicylists $642
Members of Bags Bicylists
127th John Bagley John Bagley $642
34th Northwest Cycling Club Northwest Cycling Club $641
Members of Northwest Cycling Club
128th Brad Bortz Brad Bortz $641
35th Pedaling for a Cure Pedaling for a Cure $617
Members of Pedaling for a Cure
176th Lori Tokley Lori Tokley $545
1703rd Karen Carlson Karen Carlson $36
1703rd Lisa Nelson Lisa Nelson $36
36th Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal $600
Members of Pedal to the Metal
239th Vicki Mandurano Vicki Mandurano $500
1052nd Sherrilyn Swehla Sherrilyn Swehla $100
N/A Laura Heaven-Ewell Laura Heaven-Ewell $0
N/A Michael Heaven Michael Heaven $0
37th Team 47 Team 47 $588
Members of Team 47
147th Jim Brown Jim Brown $588
38th Samina Squad Samina Squad $579
Members of Samina Squad
340th Sarah Besig Sarah Besig $294
346th Samina Bunnell Samina Bunnell $285
N/A Ethan Frey Ethan Frey $0
N/A Michael McGrath Michael McGrath $0
39th CWS CWS $562
Members of CWS
161st Nickie Myers Nickie Myers $562
40th Our ass hurts Our ass hurts $553
Members of Our ass hurts
352nd Treva Reid Treva Reid $283
674th Cliff Simpkins Cliff Simpkins $145
733rd Scott Reid Scott Reid $124
41st Cyclemaniac Cyclemaniac $538
Members of Cyclemaniac
182nd scott brown scott brown $538
N/A John Zimmermann John Zimmermann $0
42nd CalliesCrew CalliesCrew $505
Members of CalliesCrew
229th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $505
N/A Bruce Brummel Bruce Brummel $0
N/A Jena Fischer Jena Fischer $0
43rd GCC Road Warriors GCC Road Warriors $460
Members of GCC Road Warriors
279th Karl Carrigan Karl Carrigan $408
1415th Courtney Close Courtney Close $52
N/A Cary Fosback Sr Cary Fosback Sr $0
N/A Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey $0
44th SoCal Kickers SoCal Kickers $455
Members of SoCal Kickers
259th Boyet Ruanto Boyet Ruanto $455
N/A Jaryd Hochberger Jaryd Hochberger $0
45th GCC Dayton GCC Dayton $455
Members of GCC Dayton
300th Verb Washington Verb Washington $351
902nd Kathleen Washington Kathleen Washington $104
46th Sunflower Power Sunflower Power $449
Members of Sunflower Power
263rd Elizabeth Morris-Mowrey Elizabeth Morris-Mowrey $449
47th Sister Pedal Power Sister Pedal Power $447
Members of Sister Pedal Power
417th Shelley Smith Shelley Smith $250
534th Judith Ilisha Field Judith Ilisha Field $197
48th Revealeans for Kids Revealeans for Kids $421
Members of Revealeans for Kids
674th Wayne Thomas Wayne Thomas $145
738th Kelly Kuhlman Kelly Kuhlman $124
1052nd Sean Elliffe Sean Elliffe $100
1415th Ed Elsbury Ed Elsbury $52
N/A Zenobia Davies Zenobia Davies $0
49th Flat and Shady Flat and Shady $414
Members of Flat and Shady
277th Chris Springer Chris Springer $414
N/A Christine O’Connell Christine O’Connell $0
N/A Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher $0
50th Old Folks on Bikes Old Folks on Bikes $398
Members of Old Folks on Bikes
629th Barbara Geiger Barbara Geiger $155
629th Gene Geiger Gene Geiger $155
1093rd Pedro Nunez Pedro Nunez $88