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Rank Name Raised
1st Cycling4kids Cycling4kids $324.10
Members of Cycling4kids
1st Sherry McGartland Sherry McGartland $313.75
35th John Martin John Martin $10.35
N/A Andrea Pepe Wilder Andrea Pepe Wilder $0
N/A David Stoebe David Stoebe $0
N/A George Singleton George Singleton $0
N/A John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra $0
N/A Toni May Toni May $0
2nd ItCouldAlwaysBeWorse ItCouldAlwaysBeWorse $215
Members of ItCouldAlwaysBeWorse
5th Arby Davis Arby Davis $215
3rd GCC Chain Gang GCC Chain Gang $92.58
Members of GCC Chain Gang
16th Jesse Urban Jesse Urban $92.58
N/A Ashley Price Ashley Price $0
N/A Franklin Schultz Franklin Schultz $0
N/A Jack Benjamin Jack Benjamin $0
N/A Jen Williams Jen Williams $0
N/A Joe Guyette Joe Guyette $0
N/A John Cooper John Cooper $0
N/A Paul Cole Paul Cole $0
4th #TeamDracien #TeamDracien $50
Members of #TeamDracien
19th Craig Hentcy Craig Hentcy $50
5th Nico Pulido - "The Super N" Nico Pulido - "The Super N" $25.88
Members of Nico Pulido - "The Super N"
28th Jessica Renee Jessica Renee $25.88
N/A Andrea Maiorano Andrea Maiorano $0
N/A Angelina Moreno Angelina Moreno $0
N/A Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott $0
N/A Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $0
N/A Carol Gilpin Shannon Carol Gilpin Shannon $0
N/A Cindy Folding Cindy Folding $0
N/A Dara Elish Dara Elish $0
N/A Ed Weaver Ed Weaver $0
N/A jackie truckey jackie truckey $0
N/A Jana Mills Jana Mills $0
N/A Kathy Moon Kathy Moon $0
N/A Larry Hall Larry Hall $0
N/A Marcy Sterner Gineris Marcy Sterner Gineris $0
N/A Maria Novak Maria Novak $0
N/A Megan Welch Megan Welch $0
N/A Pablo Hernandez Pablo Hernandez $0
N/A Sandy Goodman Sandy Goodman $0
N/A Susie Martin Susie Martin $0
N/A Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor $0
6th Spinning the Wheels Spinning the Wheels $10.35
Members of Spinning the Wheels
35th Otto Enax Otto Enax $10.35
N/A Barefoot Beach Club Barefoot Beach Club $0
Members of Barefoot Beach Club
N/A Terry Osborne Oldenburg Terry Osborne Oldenburg $0
N/A Bay View Middle School Bay View Middle School $0
Members of Bay View Middle School
N/A Kaitlyn Bieszk Kaitlyn Bieszk $0
Members of BE POSITIVE
N/A michelle beaulieu michelle beaulieu $0
N/A BMWC Cycles Across the USA BMWC Cycles Across the USA $0
Members of BMWC Cycles Across the USA
N/A Katie Bassett Katie Bassett $0
N/A Car RamRod Car RamRod $0
Members of Car RamRod
N/A James Freshney James Freshney $0
N/A Laura Owen Laura Owen $0
N/A Going Strong 💪 Going Strong 💪 $0
Members of Going Strong 💪
N/A Joe Eckstein Joe Eckstein $0
N/A Kristi Michelle Copus Kristi Michelle Copus $0
N/A Gridiron Gang Gridiron Gang $0
Members of Gridiron Gang
N/A Jeff Grover Jeff Grover $0
N/A Viki Nulph Viki Nulph $0
N/A Magnetrol International Magnetrol International $0
Members of Magnetrol International
N/A Greg Vos Greg Vos $0
N/A Mikey Strong Mikey Strong $0
Members of Mikey Strong
N/A Adriiana Garcia Adriiana Garcia $0
N/A Gabriela Contreras Gabriela Contreras $0
N/A Minnesota Mileage Mashers Minnesota Mileage Mashers $0
Members of Minnesota Mileage Mashers
N/A Chad Velta Chad Velta $0
N/A Josh Hibbison Josh Hibbison $0
N/A Julie Dewitz Julie Dewitz $0
N/A Nevada cycling Nevada cycling $0
Members of Nevada cycling
N/A Darrick Bissell Darrick Bissell $0
N/A Phalcon PhreeWheelers Phalcon PhreeWheelers $0
Members of Phalcon PhreeWheelers
N/A Christine Conroy Christine Conroy $0
N/A ride or die ride or die $0
Members of ride or die
N/A jordan vanwinkle jordan vanwinkle $0
N/A Michael Mercer Michael Mercer $0
N/A Staying Strong Staying Strong $0
Members of Staying Strong
N/A Kristi Copus Kristi Copus $0
N/A Team 213 Team 213 $0
Members of Team 213
N/A Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $0
N/A Team Annie B Team Annie B $0
Members of Team Annie B
N/A Annie Bowers Annie Bowers $0
N/A Team Coney Dog Team Coney Dog $0
Members of Team Coney Dog
N/A Ian Richardson Ian Richardson $0
N/A Team Howard Team Howard $0
Members of Team Howard
N/A Kimberly Howard Kimberly Howard $0
N/A Team Jessie Team Jessie $0
Members of Team Jessie
N/A Jim Davis Jim Davis $0
N/A Team Kimmy Sue Team Kimmy Sue $0
Members of Team Kimmy Sue
N/A Nikole Campbell Nikole Campbell $0
N/A Team RLKR Team RLKR $0
Members of Team RLKR
N/A Lori James Lori James $0
N/A Team Wipfli Team Wipfli $0
Members of Team Wipfli
N/A MK Reesor MK Reesor $0
N/A TeamJuanInAMillion TeamJuanInAMillion $0
Members of TeamJuanInAMillion
N/A Cheryl Sorensen Cheryl Sorensen $0
N/A The brothers The brothers $0
Members of The brothers
N/A Sam Hinton Sam Hinton $0
N/A The PeeWee Pedalers of Downriver, MI The PeeWee Pedalers of Downriver, MI $0
Members of The PeeWee Pedalers of Downriver, MI
N/A Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $0
N/A Watchers on the Wall Watchers on the Wall $0
Members of Watchers on the Wall
N/A Kyle Adams Kyle Adams $0
N/A West Haven West Haven $0
Members of West Haven
N/A Jacques Rossignol Jacques Rossignol $0
N/A Zebra Technologies Community Relations Zebra Technologies Community Relations $0
Members of Zebra Technologies Community Relations
N/A Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $0
N/A John Dickson John Dickson $0
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