The Peloton Club is to recognize those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Michael Harris Michael Harris 2years $28,651
Tom Smith Tom Smith 7years $26,459
Rob Lubas Rob Lubas 5years $24,324
Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu 3years $22,411
Jeff Mulder Jeff Mulder 3years $21,097
Ned Savoie Ned Savoie 5years $20,029
Joel Falter Joel Falter 6years $19,384
Dennis Rowlen Dennis Rowlen 4years $17,560
Charlie Manzoni Charlie Manzoni 7years $17,065
Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre 7years $17,059
Rob Luis Rob Luis 5years $16,584
Lawrence Wiken Lawrence Wiken $15,531
Larry Gaines Larry Gaines $14,632
Greg Vos Greg Vos 5years $14,122
David Hildner David Hildner 3years $13,147
Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll 6years $13,126
Michael Cohen Michael Cohen 5years $12,751
Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn 6years $12,207
Kenny Weddle Kenny Weddle 3years $12,085
luke astell luke astell $11,409
Arden Virnig Arden Virnig 7years $11,323
Dorn McGaw Dorn McGaw $11,282
Sally rech Sally rech 3years $10,878
mohamed armeli mohamed armeli 3years $10,647
Jim Catteau Jim Catteau 3years $10,645
Richard Schwenk Richard Schwenk 5years $10,434
Bart Smith Bart Smith 4years $10,411
Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn 6years $10,406
Tannor Garnsey Tannor Garnsey $10,223
Kevin Lane Kevin Lane 2years $10,201
Kevin Bowler Kevin Bowler $10,165
Linda Ryan Linda Ryan 3years $10,106
Gary Christopher Gary Christopher 2years $9,450
Charles Schneider Charles Schneider $9,449
Mike Ice Mike Ice 2years $9,422
Derek Moore Derek Moore 5years $9,193
Teresa Jacobson Teresa Jacobson 5years $8,951
Dirk Cushing Dirk Cushing 6years $8,860
Klaine Tanner Klaine Tanner 2years $8,826
Jeff Freitag Jeff Freitag 7years $8,369
Rick Moore Rick Moore $8,782
Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein 4years $8,780
Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger 4years $8,766
Mary Lynn Bryan Mary Lynn Bryan $8,666
Maggie Lowe Maggie Lowe 2years $8,661
Landon Brown Landon Brown 2years $8,617
Todd Murphy Todd Murphy 5years $8,534
Dave Harris Dave Harris 6years $8,500
George Thomas Gagnon George Thomas Gagnon 5years $8,489