Spin Bike Challenge

If you don't roll on the road, you can win with some spin by signing up for the Spin Bike Challenge!

Set yourself a target of miles (or hours) to pedal for the month of September and clock your miles on a spin or stationary bike as you take on your own personal challenge to fight kids' cancer!

You can pedal with your regular spin class, take on extra sessions at the gym or challenge yourself in your very own living room - it's up to you!

Here's how it works:

1. Register online

Register now and select 'I'm doing the Spin Bike Challenge' on the first page of the registration process.

This will register you for the Spin Bike Challenge and add you to our leaderboard to track your progress against other spinners across the country.

2. Set yourself a target

Set yourself a target of miles or hours for the month of September as your personal cycling challenge to fight kids' cancer. Note: You can change your target at any time during the challenge.

3. Start your challenge

Start your challenge on September 1 with thousands of other spinners across the country. You can ride at any time throughout the month or just take on a personal spin marathon to fight kids' cancer!

4. Log your miles

On September 1, start logging your miles throughout the month for every session you complete.

Our system measures in miles, so use the following conversion chart as a guide for recording spin classes:

Duration Distance
15 minutes 4.65 miles
30 minutes 9.3 miles
45 minutes 13.95 miles
60 minutes 18.6 miles

You can log your miles in the following two ways:

Via our FREE app

Our Great Cycle Challenge USA app will allow you to manually log your miles and will automatically add them straight to your rider profile page (including the miles ridden and the date).

You can download the app now.

Manually through your dashboard

You can log in and add your miles manually into your Great Cycle Challenge USA dashboard to have these displayed on your rider profile page.

5. Track your progress

Once registered, you will receive your own personal profile page from which you can track your progress and share your challenge with your friends, family and colleagues. Your rider profile page will display each of your spin sessions and also show the total miles you've ridden throughout the month.

What are you waiting for? Register now for the 2024 Spin Bike Challenge today!