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Financial Services

Rank Name Raised
1st Wipfli Wipfli $2,914
Members of Wipfli
186th Pat Tuley Pat Tuley $1,397
1301st Bill Keller Bill Keller $480
1359th Ken Schram Ken Schram $443
2333rd Michael Fenoff Michael Fenoff $227
2754th Matt Storlie Matt Storlie $177
3789th Tom Lenz Tom Lenz $104
5676th Andrew Morgenroth Andrew Morgenroth $50
5903rd Riley Steele Riley Steele $36
N/A Allyson Kolesik Allyson Kolesik $0
N/A Brett Nepper Brett Nepper $0
N/A Chris Hewitt Chris Hewitt $0
N/A Cory Salitrik Cory Salitrik $0
N/A davin ohms davin ohms $0
N/A Dee Caswell Dee Caswell $0
N/A Emily Britt Emily Britt $0
N/A Josh Faivre Josh Faivre $0
N/A Josh Olson Josh Olson $0
N/A Kate Hagdorn Kate Hagdorn $0
N/A Michael Sayre Michael Sayre $0
N/A Nick Schweitzer Nick Schweitzer $0
N/A Reed Sellers Reed Sellers $0
N/A Sandro Muro Sandro Muro $0
N/A Teri Samples Teri Samples $0
N/A Zachary Ryan Zachary Ryan $0
Members of #TEAMTRV
2464th Deborah Bartucca Deborah Bartucca $207
4565th Jill Howe Jill Howe $77
5105th Ana Searles Ana Searles $61
7405th Christa Sweeney Christa Sweeney $31
N/A Michael Arroyo Michael Arroyo $0
N/A Orchard Financial Group and Friends Orchard Financial Group and Friends $0
Members of Orchard Financial Group and Friends
N/A Kristie Liuag Kristie Liuag $0
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