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Healthcare & Medical

Rank Name Raised
1st CorrHealth 4 a CURE CorrHealth 4 a CURE $27,874
Members of CorrHealth 4 a CURE
52nd Todd Murphy Todd Murphy $8,534
70th D’Lee Marshall D’Lee Marshall $7,260
132nd James Hartnett James Hartnett $5,706
569th David Villasenor David Villasenor $3,015
1058th Madison Macdonald Madison Macdonald $2,289
5436th Mike Archer Mike Archer $702
2nd Elevation Oncology Elevation Oncology $14,253
Members of Elevation Oncology
201st Shawn Leland Shawn Leland $4,818
307th Stefani Corsi-Travali Stefani Corsi-Travali $3,955
402nd Maegan Deegan Maegan Deegan $3,479
3rd Team Blue Shield of California Team Blue Shield of California $3,542
Members of Team Blue Shield of California
4149th Norm Cohen Norm Cohen $872
5320th Celeste Torres Celeste Torres $711
6931st Teri Vaziri Teri Vaziri $581
13604th Kimmy Lac Kimmy Lac $535
10461st Kate Greco Kate Greco $336
11813th Gary Deeds Gary Deeds $228
13227th Morley CARROLL Morley CARROLL $147
14608th John Zoglin John Zoglin $100
4th TrEYEcyclists TrEYEcyclists $2,512
Members of TrEYEcyclists
3467th Kellie Johnson Kellie Johnson $1,021
3680th John Halgren John Halgren $1,002
9331st Mike Wong Mike Wong $488
5th Henry Ford Health System Henry Ford Health System $2,242
Members of Henry Ford Health System
3501st Amy Beaulac Amy Beaulac $1,017
5787th Julian Suszanski Julian Suszanski $670
14222nd Ilan Rubinfeld Ilan Rubinfeld $104
14222nd Laura Hencken Laura Hencken $104
14222nd Sanjeev Kumar Sanjeev Kumar $104
14608th Dave Zaran Dave Zaran $100
15323rd Nancy MacDonald Nancy MacDonald $72
N/A David Gonzalez David Gonzalez $0
N/A Ian Ingram Ian Ingram $0
N/A Jamie Kalus Jamie Kalus $0
N/A Jamie Wagner Jamie Wagner $0
N/A Joe Younan Joe Younan $0
N/A Kristin Griebe Kristin Griebe $0
6th Blackstone Medical Services Blackstone Medical Services $676
Members of Blackstone Medical Services
10094th Shalene Hopkins Shalene Hopkins $379
15562nd Armando Santana Armando Santana $70
16611th Samantha Bozeman Samantha Bozeman $42
17766th Daniela Alvarez Arango Daniela Alvarez Arango $33
N/A Ashley Roach Ashley Roach $0
N/A Liz Munoz Liz Munoz $0
7th Let's Roll Seminole! Let's Roll Seminole! $600
Members of Let's Roll Seminole!
10337th Amanda Beal Amanda Beal $350
12775th Carlos Herrera Carlos Herrera $168
15090th Venise White Venise White $82
8th Virtua Rides for Roi Virtua Rides for Roi $503
Members of Virtua Rides for Roi
8858th Marc Rogol Marc Rogol $503
N/A Kelly Thomas Kelly Thomas $0
9th COS and Friends COS and Friends $484
Members of COS and Friends
11046th Jennifer Hudgens Jennifer Hudgens $284
12785th Stacie Hudgens Stacie Hudgens $167
N/A Angela LaBrusciano Angela LaBrusciano $0
N/A Hailin Yu Hailin Yu $0
N/A Libby Floden Libby Floden $0
N/A Shaunna Kowalewski Shaunna Kowalewski $0
10th Team Ben-Guard Team Ben-Guard $155
Members of Team Ben-Guard
14222nd Matt Murphy Matt Murphy $104
17885th Rick Glesner Rick Glesner $26
11th AMCH Riders AMCH Riders $124
Members of AMCH Riders
13661st Aimee Muller Aimee Muller $124
12th Research Never Stops Research Never Stops $72
Members of Research Never Stops
N/A B. Claire White B. Claire White $0
N/A Steven Holshouser Steven Holshouser $0
13th Highland Physical Therapy Highland Physical Therapy $36
Members of Highland Physical Therapy
16746th Kimberly Schwarze Kimberly Schwarze $36
14th ReproTech ReproTech $26
Members of ReproTech
N/A Anna Van Voorhis Anna Van Voorhis $0
N/A Brooke Carey Brooke Carey $0
N/A Drew Lambert Drew Lambert $0
N/A Jade Rocha Jade Rocha $0
N/A Jill Olson Jill Olson $0
N/A Joana Choe Joana Choe $0
N/A Katelyn Pizinger Katelyn Pizinger $0
N/A Keisha Johnson Keisha Johnson $0
N/A LaMae LeDoux LaMae LeDoux $0
N/A Leora McFarthing Leora McFarthing $0
N/A Madeline Pendleton Madeline Pendleton $0
N/A Norwood Dental Center Norwood Dental Center $0
Members of Norwood Dental Center
N/A Cynthia Rivera Cynthia Rivera $0
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