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Hospitality & Tourism

Rank Name Raised
1st Ridge Riders Ridge Riders $11,865
Members of Ridge Riders
790th Christopher Fenimore Christopher Fenimore $2,308
840th Michael Taylor Michael Taylor $2,224
1007th Patrick Ricci Patrick Ricci $1,988
1130th Willie Bifulco Willie Bifulco $1,816
2425th Linda Stierli Linda Stierli $1,119
6351st Ally Simons Ally Simons $559
7347th Orlando Ramos Orlando Ramos $507
11602nd Yudelka Deaza Yudelka Deaza $197
12097th Carey Love Carey Love $167
14373rd Vanessa Loiacono Vanessa Loiacono $83
14713th Eric Truglas Eric Truglas $72
15355th Dee Schweiger Dee Schweiger $52
N/A Catherine Bedoya Catherine Bedoya $0
N/A darius hall darius hall $0
2nd Voicebox Vibe Voicebox Vibe $1,246
Members of Voicebox Vibe
7430th Spencer Lyons Spencer Lyons $504
8426th Nic Jay Nic Jay $438
11024th Nick Milano Nick Milano $231
14713th Jessica Stathis Jessica Stathis $72
N/A Cheyenne Stufflebean Cheyenne Stufflebean $0
N/A Chris Schuerman Chris Schuerman $0
N/A Howard W Maer Howard W Maer $0
N/A Ian Booth Ian Booth $0
N/A Kevin Thomson Kevin Thomson $0
N/A Margaret Higly Margaret Higly $0
N/A Mason Shelmire Mason Shelmire $0
N/A Michael Potts Michael Potts $0
N/A Michael Pruit Michael Pruit $0
N/A Santiago Arroyo Santiago Arroyo $0
N/A Sarah Thompson Sarah Thompson $0
N/A Tony Milano Tony Milano $0
3rd Poulsbo Woodfired Pizza Poulsbo Woodfired Pizza $1,079
Members of Poulsbo Woodfired Pizza
5401st Zac Byrd Zac Byrd $629
10218th Jon-Andre Facey Jon-Andre Facey $283
12097th Roje Facey Roje Facey $167
4th POLYWOOD Rocks! POLYWOOD Rocks! $433
Members of POLYWOOD Rocks!
10113th Tony Burkholder Tony Burkholder $291
12654th Andy Kniller Andy Kniller $142
N/A Lindsay Lewis Lindsay Lewis $0
N/A Santana McCrum Santana McCrum $0
N/A Marriot Sea Pines Marriot Sea Pines $0
Members of Marriot Sea Pines
N/A Trent Myers Trent Myers $0
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