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Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Rank Name Raised
1st Mohawk Global Mohawk Global $12,541
Members of Mohawk Global
621st Mike Kuhn Mike Kuhn $2,895
3029th Brandon Clifford Brandon Clifford $1,097
3599th Pamela Rubenstein Pamela Rubenstein $1,005
4006th Chris Sale Chris Sale $901
4771st Ginette Murray Ginette Murray $778
5404th Brianne Victor Brianne Victor $703
6819th Alicia Kirkby Alicia Kirkby $589
7482nd Michelle Stoddard Michelle Stoddard $550
9408th Tony Kozdemba Tony Kozdemba $466
13466th Noha Hosni Noha Hosni $135
14993rd Michelle Shreve Michelle Shreve $84
15242nd Matt Machovec Matt Machovec $74
15250th Rachael Grannell Rachael Grannell $72
N/A Yvonne Scott-Younis Yvonne Scott-Younis $0
2nd Affinity Truck Center Affinity Truck Center $7,092
Members of Affinity Truck Center
1317th Kim Mesfin Kim Mesfin $1,904
1323rd Bill Dakin Bill Dakin $1,899
4001st Tom West Tom West $903
15647th Ashley Boling Ashley Boling $63
15792nd Callie Martin Callie Martin $57
N/A Affinity Truck Center Affinity Truck Center $0
N/A Danielle Dobbins Danielle Dobbins $0
N/A Kent Pollack Kent Pollack $0
N/A Sal Delgado Sal Delgado $0
N/A Tracy Pacheco Tracy Pacheco $0
3rd Modernfold Modernfold $4,507
Members of Modernfold
426th Michael Frew Michael Frew $3,378
7348th Trey Keeley Trey Keeley $1,077
N/A Nathaniel Theising Nathaniel Theising $0
N/A Steven Arvola Steven Arvola $0
4th Team B&R Team B&R $3,109
Members of Team B&R
8687th Derrick Stacey Derrick Stacey $505
9029th Brian Kautzman Brian Kautzman $501
10253rd Clare Rogers Clare Rogers $357
11607th Mario Miranda Mario Miranda $244
13675th Patrick McDermott Patrick McDermott $124
15002nd Kristen Ballistrea Kristen Ballistrea $83
15002nd Marcus Mangel Marcus Mangel $83
16737th Adam Wagie Adam Wagie $36
N/A Alex Pauls Alex Pauls $0
N/A Calvin Andersen Calvin Andersen $0
N/A Dylan Keegan Dylan Keegan $0
N/A Dylan Keegan Dylan Keegan $0
N/A Isaac Bean Isaac Bean $0
N/A Rachel Luczak Rachel Luczak $0
N/A Steve Boelte Steve Boelte $0
5th Evolution Fresh Evolution Fresh $2,051
Members of Evolution Fresh
3299th Michael Durbin Michael Durbin $1,045
7461st Marshall Grenz Marshall Grenz $551
11869th Roberta Orozco Roberta Orozco $223
17876th Bruno Sasdelli Bruno Sasdelli $26
17876th Denise Diaz Denise Diaz $26
N/A Freddy Lozano Freddy Lozano $0
N/A Jesus Gonzalez Jesus Gonzalez $0
6th Barentz North America Barentz North America $1,528
Members of Barentz North America
10370th Pattie Lanktree Pattie Lanktree $346
11033rd Richard Pomerantz Richard Pomerantz $284
13382nd Schuyler Rosado Schuyler Rosado $139
N/A James Tyrakoski James Tyrakoski $0
N/A Jennifer Gabin Jennifer Gabin $0
N/A Lauren Popock Lauren Popock $0
N/A Pat Tuck Pat Tuck $0
7th Team Submaterial Team Submaterial $1,004
Members of Team Submaterial
15315th Cristine Posner Cristine Posner $72
N/A Briahnna Gonzales Briahnna Gonzales $0
N/A Cirrelda Bryan Cirrelda Bryan $0
N/A James Gannaway James Gannaway $0
N/A Melina Bartolomei Melina Bartolomei $0
8th Milwaukee Tool Milwaukee Tool $688
Members of Milwaukee Tool
5566th Scott Zellner Scott Zellner $688
9th The ALW GROUP's Riders The ALW GROUP's Riders $50
Members of The ALW GROUP's Riders
16384th Brice Alan Wilcke Brice Alan Wilcke $50
N/A Shauntel Carter Shauntel Carter $0
N/A Recycle Recycle $0
Members of Recycle
N/A Artis F. Jones Artis F. Jones $0
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