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Rank Name Raised
1st Ti Kanis Ti Kanis $1,227
Members of Ti Kanis
6270th Nicole Crouse Nicole Crouse $703
570th Lauren Fabbri Lauren Fabbri $524
N/A Delaney Kearns Delaney Kearns $0
N/A Nick Tegel Nick Tegel $0
2nd The Hard Luck Souls The Hard Luck Souls $209
Members of The Hard Luck Souls
2333rd Dave Smassanow Dave Smassanow $136
3595th Beth Smassanow Beth Smassanow $72
N/A Mark Schmidt Mark Schmidt $0
3rd CCRF CCRF $50
Members of CCRF
4348th Megan Hannon Megan Hannon $50
N/A ARNG Marketing ARNG Marketing $0
Members of ARNG Marketing
N/A Alpa Ladani Alpa Ladani $0
N/A Andrew Waiters Andrew Waiters $0
N/A Christopher Szopinski Christopher Szopinski $0
N/A Jon Ferber Jon Ferber $0
N/A Hanks Tavern Hanks Tavern $0
Members of Hanks Tavern
N/A Greg Baca Greg Baca $0
N/A Positive Impact LLC Positive Impact LLC $0
Members of Positive Impact LLC
N/A Tiaga Wright-Phillips Tiaga Wright-Phillips $0
N/A Rotom Peddlers Rotom Peddlers $0
Members of Rotom Peddlers
N/A Ashton Macaulay Ashton Macaulay $0
N/A Dejan Tomanic Dejan Tomanic $0
N/A Erik Lokkito Lazo Erik Lokkito Lazo $0
N/A Kiel Safstrom Kiel Safstrom $0
N/A Shear Xtreme Spinners Shear Xtreme Spinners $0
Members of Shear Xtreme Spinners
N/A Barbara Paulo Barbara Paulo $0
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