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Real Estate

Rank Name Raised
Members of EXIT REPS
4223rd Christopher Hochstedt Christopher Hochstedt $858
8342nd Dan Murray Dan Murray $512
10589th Anastasia Avakian Anastasia Avakian $324
12599th Brian Kwilosz Brian Kwilosz $179
13101st Kathleen Hochstedt Kathleen Hochstedt $153
N/A Caroline Hochstedt Caroline Hochstedt $0
N/A Chris Olsen Chris Olsen $0
N/A Nick Miller Nick Miller $0
2nd Florida Premier Cycling Florida Premier Cycling $1,265
Members of Florida Premier Cycling
6325th Carlos Melendez Carlos Melendez $622
10263rd David Scotti David Scotti $358
11046th Dan Kindel Dan Kindel $284
3rd NSBAR NSBAR $279
Members of NSBAR
N/A Bradley Laborman Bradley Laborman $0
N/A Jen Jacobek-Wallace Jen Jacobek-Wallace $0
N/A Kimberley Davis Kimberley Davis $0
N/A Summa Peak Summa Peak $0
Members of Summa Peak
N/A Anna Rawson Anna Rawson $0
N/A Richard Gonzalez Richard Gonzalez $0
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