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Sporting Clubs & Recreation

Rank Name Raised
1st Re-Cycle Sports Re-Cycle Sports $7,177
Members of Re-Cycle Sports
2980th Melissa Ann Purin Melissa Ann Purin $1,072
4058th Linda Walinsky Linda Walinsky $891
4501st Taylor Rhody Taylor Rhody $825
4704th Paul Steffanic Paul Steffanic $801
4778th Joseph Chowanes Joseph Chowanes $791
5800th Suzie Oswald Suzie Oswald $694
6973rd Jennie Martin Jennie Martin $614
20753rd Jeanne Porter Jeanne Porter $559
11337th Ann Weachock Ann Weachock $407
7859th Cara Kelly Cara Kelly $228
14559th Vicky Polinsky Vicky Polinsky $202
20015th Cheryl NABHOLZ Cheryl NABHOLZ $52
23350th Dana Sabaday Dana Sabaday $21
N/A Erika Galleguillos Erika Galleguillos $0
2nd AMA AMA $4,403
Members of AMA
408th Joshua Rubin Joshua Rubin $3,002
3727th Jim Alers Jim Alers $954
16169th Becky DeJesus Becky DeJesus $143
22108th Mike Alvarez Mike Alvarez $35
N/A Richard Ferrer Richard Ferrer $0
3rd Fit to be Wild Fit to be Wild $1,155
Members of Fit to be Wild
6937th Mark Williams Mark Williams $616
8484th Penny Williams Penny Williams $539
4th TerriWest Fitness TerriWest Fitness $1,118
Members of TerriWest Fitness
10435th Susan Winston Susan Winston $482
11964th Amanda Bender Amanda Bender $343
13448th Terri West Terri West $255
5th Pacific Cycle Pacific Cycle $36
Members of Pacific Cycle
21471st Fantasy Sharrett Fantasy Sharrett $36
N/A Megan Phillips Megan Phillips $0
N/A Catalyst Performance Lab Catalyst Performance Lab $0
Members of Catalyst Performance Lab
N/A Cassandra Burke Cassandra Burke $0
N/A Revolution Cycling Daytona Revolution Cycling Daytona $0
Members of Revolution Cycling Daytona
N/A Kristine Lamana Kristine Lamana $0
N/A Team Rufus Rat Team Rufus Rat $0
Members of Team Rufus Rat
N/A Adam Higinbothom Adam Higinbothom $0
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