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Sporting Clubs & Recreation

Rank Name Raised
1st Perfect Fit Perfect Fit $2,331.03
Members of Perfect Fit
537th Dana Esposito Dana Esposito $1,925.70
N/A Kirsten Milano Kirsten Milano $100
2nd Studio 317 Ride Tribe Studio 317 Ride Tribe $2,072.91
Members of Studio 317 Ride Tribe
3719th Gregory Nemeth Gregory Nemeth $622.53
6536th Neena Joraanstad Neena Joraanstad $409.20
N/A Shannon Grove Shannon Grove $270.83
N/A Tiffany Usher Tiffany Usher $194.94
N/A Joy Campbell Joy Campbell $155
N/A Melinda Purdy Melinda Purdy $139.73
N/A Snigdha Kodavasal Snigdha Kodavasal $133.91
N/A Lori Robertson Lori Robertson $45
16602nd Alicia Loy Alicia Loy $20.70
N/A Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Johnson $20.70
N/A Carey Kendall Carey Kendall $0
N/A Carrie Breedlove Carrie Breedlove $0
N/A Jacque Bush Jacque Bush $0
N/A Jamie Hootnick Jamie Hootnick $0
N/A Kari Daffron Kari Daffron $0
N/A Michelle Ford Michelle Ford $0
N/A Tabatha Eubanks Tabatha Eubanks $0
N/A Theresa Lucas Theresa Lucas $0
3rd Believe Fitness Center Believe Fitness Center $1,696.49
Members of Believe Fitness Center
1877th Valerie Szewelanczyk Valerie Szewelanczyk $982.92
3583rd Louise Neuts Louise Neuts $635.95
N/A Ruth Stevenson Ruth Stevenson $51.75
N/A Kristin Jean Kristin Jean $0
N/A Tammie Patterson-Smith Tammie Patterson-Smith $0
N/A Jordan Hoke Jordan Hoke $505.35
5679th Matthew Hoke Matthew Hoke $503.44
5811th Brinn Six Brinn Six $148.50
N/A Bryan Wegiel Bryan Wegiel $51.75
N/A Amanda Snyder Amanda Snyder $0
N/A Krista Davis Krista Davis $0
N/A Penny Sorensen Penny Sorensen $0
5th SQF Spinners SQF Spinners $1,504.08
Members of SQF Spinners
N/A Melissa Jackson Melissa Jackson $1,504.08
N/A Alaina Serenelli Alaina Serenelli $0
6th Red Effect Infrared Fitness Red Effect Infrared Fitness $1,039.15
Members of Red Effect Infrared Fitness
6454th Bre Sweeney Bre Sweeney $422.62
9574th Natalie D’Angelo Natalie D’Angelo $181.13
N/A Jodi Swansey Jodi Swansey $172.50
N/A Megan Miller Megan Miller $158.71
14829th Monica D'Angelo Monica D'Angelo $43.13
15435th Heidi Stilwell Heidi Stilwell $35.20
16150th Kelsi Podgorski Kelsi Podgorski $25.88
N/A Amy Wallis Amy Wallis $0
N/A Ben Paczkowski Ben Paczkowski $0
N/A Dale Myers Dale Myers $0
N/A Erica Atkinson Erica Atkinson $0
N/A Glen Gruber Glen Gruber $0
N/A Ivette Torbay Ivette Torbay $0
N/A Kerri Gonda Kerri Gonda $0
N/A Lindsey Doss Lindsey Doss $0
N/A Londisa Halili-Jones Londisa Halili-Jones $0
N/A Paige Nelson Paige Nelson $0
N/A Regina Gallacher Regina Gallacher $0
N/A Sara Taglauer Sara Taglauer $0
N/A Terra Marie Terra Marie $0
7th Fit in Faith Fit in Faith $811.33
Members of Fit in Faith
2441st Sherry Thompson Sherry Thompson $801.33
17425th Tierra Fox Tierra Fox $10
8th Super Future Fitness Super Future Fitness $594.18
Members of Super Future Fitness
N/A Tina D'Auteuil Tina D'Auteuil $236.25
N/A Laura Hewitt Laura Hewitt $172.50
N/A Juliet Chon Juliet Chon $103.50
13562nd Dawn Ellsworth Dawn Ellsworth $56.93
N/A Lindsay LaChance Lindsay LaChance $25
N/A Denise Leitgeb Denise Leitgeb $0
N/A Mychelle Bora Mychelle Bora $0
9th DNK Shredders DNK Shredders $325
Members of DNK Shredders
7248th Wendy Hannah Gough Wendy Hannah Gough $325
N/A Kate Nolan Kate Nolan $0
10th Brownsville Bros Brownsville Bros $35
Members of Brownsville Bros
15437th Mayra Andrews Mayra Andrews $35
N/A AmeanSpinn AmeanSpinn $0
Members of AmeanSpinn
N/A Christina Royster Christina Royster $0
N/A Katie Pung Katie Pung $0
N/A Leah Arthur Leah Arthur $0
N/A Lisa Martinez Lisa Martinez $0
Members of PROC
N/A Adam Higinbothom Adam Higinbothom $0
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