The Peloton Club is to recognize those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Jack Partridge Jack Partridge 3years $3,552
Ryan Currington Ryan Currington 2years $3,550
Will Rothermel Will Rothermel 2years $3,548
Rhoda Harrison Rhoda Harrison 2years $3,548
Edward Kreul Edward Kreul 3years $3,543
Akis Voreadis Akis Voreadis 3years $3,530
Sarah Roeder Sarah Roeder 2years $3,526
Justin Archuleta Justin Archuleta $3,524
Joan O'Donnell Joan O'Donnell 5years $3,519
Paul Ronson Paul Ronson 2years $3,517
Kay Lin Hermansen Kay Lin Hermansen 2years $3,515
Don Dinulos Don Dinulos $3,514
Jeffrey Leathers Jeffrey Leathers $3,511
Jerald Collins Jerald Collins 2years $3,504
Tracy Atwater Tracy Atwater 4years $3,504
Deric Millis Deric Millis 2years $3,500
Brian Bradley Brian Bradley 6years $3,495
Jesus Nieto Jesus Nieto $3,491
John McHaney John McHaney $3,490
Dan Sundius Dan Sundius 2years $3,487
Maegan Deegan Maegan Deegan $3,479
Patricia West Patricia West 6years $3,473
Gerald Powers Gerald Powers $3,472
Jeff McCullough Jeff McCullough 4years $3,470
Craig Stresemann Craig Stresemann 3years $3,469
Jesse Karich Jesse Karich 2years $3,452
Erik Roaf Erik Roaf $3,437
Paul Horner Paul Horner $3,436
Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom 5years $3,435
Dustin Langevin Dustin Langevin 3years $3,431
Travis Webbe Travis Webbe 6years $3,424
Usha Mehta Usha Mehta 3years $3,423
Thomas McNealy Thomas McNealy 3years $3,422
Aimee Christian Aimee Christian 3years $3,420
Vincent Urbain Vincent Urbain 2years $3,418
Jeremy Hyatt Jeremy Hyatt $3,414
Randee Almquist Randee Almquist 2years $3,410
Logan Spector Logan Spector 7years $3,409
Leonard Lipkin Leonard Lipkin $3,407
Sara Meier Sara Meier $3,403
Dani Ferguson Dani Ferguson $3,402
James Austin James Austin $1,355
Colby Ingram Colby Ingram 3years $3,399
Gregory DiBiase Gregory DiBiase $3,395
Brett Graham Brett Graham 6years $3,394
Karen Kadish Karen Kadish 3years $3,390
Mike Hester Mike Hester 2years $3,382
Fred Ross Fred Ross 2years $3,382
Craig Karner Craig Karner $3,380
Michael Frew Michael Frew 2years $3,378