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Rank Name Raised
51st Johnnyboy Johnnyboy $1,688.11
Members of Johnnyboy
1467th Rose Rybicki Rose Rybicki $1,036.96
3176th Brian Phelps Brian Phelps $651.16
52nd Peddle Haaad Peddle Haaad $1,664.26
Members of Peddle Haaad
750th Elvis Campobasso Elvis Campobasso $1,472.78
53rd Team Daly Team Daly $1,658.90
Members of Team Daly
1006th Sean Daly Sean Daly $1,240.59
6025th Connie Daly Connie Daly $418.31
54th Team Crespo Team Crespo $1,583.13
Members of Team Crespo
2128th Chris Crespo Chris Crespo $823.07
3603rd Dana Crespo Dana Crespo $605.35
55th BULLDOGS BULLDOGS $1,566.67
Members of BULLDOGS
667th daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth $1,566.67
56th Mud Dogs Mud Dogs $1,502.48
Members of Mud Dogs
721st William Capuano William Capuano $1,502.48
57th Team Kaylee Team Kaylee $1,488.46
Members of Team Kaylee
3539th Zachary S Meyer Zachary S Meyer $611.32
5471st Matthew Meyer Matthew Meyer $497.63
13119th Katy Elsworth Katy Elsworth $60.38
13119th Melissa Meyer Melissa Meyer $60.38
58th MANNY MANNY $1,474.21
Members of MANNY
746th Paolo Verzani Paolo Verzani $1,474.21
59th ImmaneniAdventures ImmaneniAdventures $1,459.80
Members of ImmaneniAdventures
567th Emily Immaneni Emily Immaneni $808.75
3181st Chaitanya Immaneni Chaitanya Immaneni $651.05
60th Izzy Izzy $1,450.70
Members of Izzy
N/A Susan M Sweet Susan M Sweet $1,388.95
17231st Jennifer Bess Jennifer Bess $10
61st #TeamMaddie #TeamMaddie $1,447.53
Members of #TeamMaddie
2542nd Alex Swaringen Alex Swaringen $742.51
2769th Lindsey Swaringen Lindsey Swaringen $705.03
62nd Amelia’s Fight Amelia’s Fight $1,429.64
Members of Amelia’s Fight
2888th Courtney Divelbess Zimmerli Courtney Divelbess Zimmerli $691.75
4411th Melanie Felton Melanie Felton $542.19
10253rd Jeff Zimmerli Jeff Zimmerli $140.70
15209th David Divelbess David Divelbess $35
16609th Laura VanNordstrand Laura VanNordstrand $20
N/A Julie Williams Julie Williams $0
63rd StrikeForce StrikeForce $1,418.99
Members of StrikeForce
1648th Jennifer Buda Jennifer Buda $991.85
7937th Matt Gale Matt Gale $252.14
N/A Julie Nelson Julie Nelson $175
64th Shut Up And Ride Shut Up And Ride $1,416.43
Members of Shut Up And Ride
1544th Denisa Darsow Denisa Darsow $1,013.38
6154th Brian Stulgaitis Brian Stulgaitis $403.05
65th A&B Riders A&B Riders $1,416.25
Members of A&B Riders
2007th Bernie Pitchke Bernie Pitchke $854.70
4121st Audrey Lott Audrey Lott $561.55
66th Nickerstent Nickerstent $1,404.48
Members of Nickerstent
N/A Tim Nickerson Tim Nickerson $607.53
123rd Mike Stent Mike Stent $517.50
67th Team Laatsch Team Laatsch $1,400.01
Members of Team Laatsch
823rd Pamela Laatsch Pamela Laatsch $1,400.01
68th Rocking Mittals Rocking Mittals $1,396.41
Members of Rocking Mittals
123rd Meenal Iyer Meenal Iyer $1,396.41
69th NavyMom NavyMom $1,391.07
Members of NavyMom
830th Tiffany Calkins Leiter Tiffany Calkins Leiter $1,391.07
70th Happy Ours Happy Ours $1,384.24
Members of Happy Ours
2365th Mark Manly Mark Manly $775.31
3565th Tamara Manly Tamara Manly $608.94
71st FxCancer FxCancer $1,383.73
Members of FxCancer
3995th Terry Egglefield Terry Egglefield $573.36
5519th Amanda Dealing Amanda Dealing $487.20
7076th Ken Sayre Ken Sayre $313.18
17231st Robert Thompson Robert Thompson $10
72nd Bug Eaters Bug Eaters $1,369.12
Members of Bug Eaters
851st Stephen Nielsen Stephen Nielsen $1,369.12
73rd Live Laugh Love Live Laugh Love $1,330.65
Members of Live Laugh Love
3857th Brielle Hill Brielle Hill $584.13
4139th Hannah Hill Hannah Hill $560.22
11290th Joshua Mee Joshua Mee $103.50
12230th Melissa Mee Melissa Mee $82.80
74th HHH gals HHH gals $1,312.74
Members of HHH gals
2907th Pat Hayward Pat Hayward $688.28
3423rd Cindy Hurd Cindy Hurd $624.47
75th The Butt Cheeks The Butt Cheeks $1,305.41
Members of The Butt Cheeks
2581st Corinne DuBois Corinne DuBois $735.26
4601st Ethan DuBois Ethan DuBois $528.75
76th Stachofsky Stachofsky $1,281.49
Members of Stachofsky
2765th Mark Stachofsky Mark Stachofsky $706.34
5211th Teresa Stachofsky Teresa Stachofsky $502.70
77th Duck's Wobblers Duck's Wobblers $1,273.67
Members of Duck's Wobblers
2184th Melissa Kemp Melissa Kemp $811.47
5959th Marianne Clark Marianne Clark $427.70
N/A John Clark John Clark $0
78th Grreene Hats Grreene Hats $1,220.88
Members of Grreene Hats
N/A kathryn boyanski kathryn boyanski $505
5789th Amy Babineau Amy Babineau $445.05
8230th Cindy Elliott Cindy Elliott $234.61
79th TeamAlison TeamAlison $1,216.13
Members of TeamAlison
1050th Thomas Matheny Thomas Matheny $1,216.13
80th Pease Pease $1,206.75
Members of Pease
1343rd Rick Pease Rick Pease $1,077.38
10524th Faith Pease Faith Pease $129.38
N/A Rikki Pease Rikki Pease $0
81st MadFam MadFam $1,201.06
Members of MadFam
5190th Kelly Maddern Kelly Maddern $503.00
7890th Cooper Maddern Cooper Maddern $254.73
82nd Team Brown Team Brown $1,196.03
Members of Team Brown
2580th Patti Brown Patti Brown $735.47
5679th Tom Brown Tom Brown $460.57
83rd Carters Kicking Cancer Carters Kicking Cancer $1,175.04
Members of Carters Kicking Cancer
1136th Beth Carter Beth Carter $1,175.04
84th Buckley beasts Buckley beasts $1,157.42
Members of Buckley beasts
2409th Sarah Buckley Smith Sarah Buckley Smith $764.11
6549th John Buckley John Buckley $357.08
85th Team Madorin Team Madorin $1,150.90
Members of Team Madorin
3187th Audrey Madorin Audrey Madorin $650.44
5351st Alan Madorin Alan Madorin $500.46
86th krebs strong krebs strong $1,137.54
Members of krebs strong
1196th robert kREBS robert kREBS $1,137.54
87th Riding in honor of Juliana Riding in honor of Juliana $1,132.67
Members of Riding in honor of Juliana
9163rd Colleen Ferguson Colleen Ferguson $187.36
88th Team Smith Team Smith $1,121.46
Members of Team Smith
3793rd Jeanette Smith Jeanette Smith $591.19
4573rd Woodrow Smith Woodrow Smith $530.27
89th Warrior Princess Slippers Warrior Princess Slippers $1,118.21
Members of Warrior Princess Slippers
1897th Amy Jackson Amy Jackson $883.21
8212th Judy Deane Judy Deane $235
90th Bosbikers Bosbikers $1,115.72
Members of Bosbikers
1244th Kim Bos Kim Bos $1,115.72
91st Riding for #85 Riding for #85 $1,103.40
Members of Riding for #85
1789th Cari Polodna Cari Polodna $918.27
9208th Chris Budden Chris Budden $185.14
92nd Barlow Riders Barlow Riders $1,102.89
Members of Barlow Riders
3722nd Laura Barlow Laura Barlow $596.79
7071st Stephen Barlow Stephen Barlow $313.77
9839th Delroy Donaldson Delroy Donaldson $156.10
93rd Bay Area Bombers Bay Area Bombers $1,102.27
Members of Bay Area Bombers
3566th Matt Brunette Matt Brunette $608.93
5712th Kelly Brunette Kelly Brunette $457.12
15004th Nicholas Brunette Nicholas Brunette $36.23
94th Roller Coasters Roller Coasters $1,097.79
Members of Roller Coasters
3712th Jo Anne Britt Jo Anne Britt $597.79
5400th Michelle Britt Michelle Britt $500
95th Team Geiger Team Geiger $1,094.53
Members of Team Geiger
2222nd Barbara Geiger Barbara Geiger $803.03
7367th Gene Geiger Gene Geiger $291.50
96th Tyrpak FTK Tyrpak FTK $1,086.16
Members of Tyrpak FTK
2791st Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak $702.83
123rd Rebecca Tyrpak Rebecca Tyrpak $383.33
97th Dragon Riders Dragon Riders $1,082.87
Members of Dragon Riders
3938th Danae Forcey Danae Forcey $576.50
5037th David Forcey David Forcey $506.37
98th VeloCiraptors VeloCiraptors $1,071.07
Members of VeloCiraptors
1369th Blair Ilyse Giambastiani Blair Ilyse Giambastiani $1,071.07
N/A Perry Lawson Perry Lawson $0
99th Kerryg Kerryg $1,057.64
Members of Kerryg
1404th Kerry Giansante Kerry Giansante $1,057.64
100th Team Hunstiger Team Hunstiger $1,053.67
Members of Team Hunstiger
6343rd Gary Hunstiger Gary Hunstiger $379.50
6856th Adele Hunstiger Adele Hunstiger $329.46
9031st Melissa Hunstiger Melissa Hunstiger $194.63
12346th Karen Hunstiger Karen Hunstiger $77.63