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Rank Name Raised
151st Super Star Unicorn Super Star Unicorn $718.22
Members of Super Star Unicorn
2632nd Whitney Ford Whitney Ford $718.22
N/A Jacqueline Ford Jacqueline Ford $0
N/A Samara Ford Samara Ford $0
152nd PBJ Cruisers PBJ Cruisers $715.44
Members of PBJ Cruisers
3698th Paula Johnson Paula Johnson $592.96
11999th Boyd Johnson Boyd Johnson $86.25
153rd Team Olivia Team Olivia $712.74
Members of Team Olivia
2674th Todd Duryee Todd Duryee $712.74
154th Mimi's Riders Mimi's Riders $711.42
Members of Mimi's Riders
2685th Joy Carter Joy Carter $711.42
N/A Anna Tul Anna Tul $0
155th Team Tyler Team Tyler $710.86
Members of Team Tyler
2688th Donna Mitchell Donna Mitchell $710.86
156th Youthland Riders Youthland Riders $707.23
Members of Youthland Riders
3071st Troy Thomas Troy Thomas $657.23
13683rd Eden Thomas Eden Thomas $50
N/A Emily Davis Emily Davis $0
N/A Lainey Thomas Lainey Thomas $0
157th Bike a mile in my shoes Bike a mile in my shoes $702.26
Members of Bike a mile in my shoes
2747th Ferrando Heyward Ferrando Heyward $702.26
158th Cardinals fly for the turtles Cardinals fly for the turtles $697.33
Members of Cardinals fly for the turtles
3254th Dottie Guilbert Dottie Guilbert $635.33
13005th Laura Reinhold Laura Reinhold $62
N/A Betsy Rusley Betsy Rusley $0
159th MartyoMellen MartyoMellen $685.29
Members of MartyoMellen
2869th Martin O'Toole Martin O'Toole $685.29
160th Tilly Tough Tilly Tough $685.18
Members of Tilly Tough
2871st Teri B Chapman Teri B Chapman $685.18
161st Team CKL Team CKL $685.01
Members of Team CKL
3150th Cali LaFollett Cali LaFollett $648.78
N/A Kathy LaFollett Kathy LaFollett $0
162nd D'Annibale D'Annibale $683.50
Members of D'Annibale
9781st Randy Weikel Randy Weikel $455
10546th Jillian D'Annibale Jillian D'Annibale $125
N/A Christian D'Annibale Christian D'Annibale $0
N/A Robin Weikel Robin Weikel $0
163rd FUCancer FUCancer $674.67
Members of FUCancer
5810th Glenny Torres Glenny Torres $430.46
8008th Lisa Weisbrod Lisa Weisbrod $244.21
164th JJ’s Bikers JJ’s Bikers $671.07
Members of JJ’s Bikers
3258th Karen Gomez Karen Gomez $634.84
14788th Bill Spitz Bill Spitz $36.23
N/A Billy Spitz Billy Spitz $0
165th Team Nick Team Nick $665.12
Members of Team Nick
5564th Kit Sarafis Kit Sarafis $458.12
8630th Leslie Mentel Leslie Mentel $207
166th Great 2 Be A Waite Great 2 Be A Waite $659.59
Members of Great 2 Be A Waite
4087th Brian Waite Brian Waite $556.09
11219th Ammon Waite Ammon Waite $103.50
N/A Brodie Waite Brodie Waite $0
N/A Robyn Waite Robyn Waite $0
167th Southworth Family Southworth Family $658.26
Members of Southworth Family
5411th Daniel Southworth Daniel Southworth $477.83
9822nd John Southworth John Southworth $154.56
15881st Shelly Southworth Shelly Southworth $25.88
168th GRod's GRod's $658.22
Members of GRod's
3063rd Crystal Glade Crystal Glade $658.22
N/A Gabriella Rodriguez Gabriella Rodriguez $0
N/A Simon Rodriguez Simon Rodriguez $0
169th Pedals for Pipsqueaks Pedals for Pipsqueaks $649.38
Members of Pedals for Pipsqueaks
6433rd Amber Tice Amber Tice $358.75
7293rd Cody Hammond Cody Hammond $290.63
170th Montour Maniacs Montour Maniacs $646.83
Members of Montour Maniacs
4035th Robert Ashley Robert Ashley $560.60
13683rd Brian Ashley Brian Ashley $50
14946th Michael Hornburg Michael Hornburg $36.23
171st Ava's Way Ava's Way $645.67
Members of Ava's Way
7572nd Joni Hutchinson Joni Hutchinson $269.49
7855th Emma Hutchinson Emma Hutchinson $251.98
10594th Adi Schroeder Adi Schroeder $124.20
172nd Giana's and Laura's Road Warriors Giana's and Laura's Road Warriors $630.80
Members of Giana's and Laura's Road Warriors
7048th Chris Marchesani Chris Marchesani $308.23
N/A Nicholle Anastasio Nicholle Anastasio $179.41
11149th Chris Anastasio Chris Anastasio $106.93
173rd Tipton Clan Tipton Clan $628.60
Members of Tipton Clan
3322nd Jeffrey Tipton Jeffrey Tipton $628.60
174th Dan! Dan! $624.77
Members of Dan!
3356th Daniel Safford Daniel Safford $624.77
175th Countryside KOM’s Countryside KOM’s $620.98
Members of Countryside KOM’s
3390th Chase Condon Chase Condon $620.98
176th Tom's Bike Boutique Tom's Bike Boutique $619.28
Members of Tom's Bike Boutique
6518th Jake Sturtevant Jake Sturtevant $350.18
7579th Simon Sturtevant Simon Sturtevant $269.11
177th ACQZ ACQZ $618.90
Members of ACQZ
3414th Cynthia Miller Lanting Cynthia Miller Lanting $618.90
178th eisen eisen $606.63
Members of eisen
3521st gary eisen gary eisen $606.63
179th Matthew Forman Matthew Forman $605.61
Members of Matthew Forman
3530th Matthew Forman Matthew Forman $605.61
180th MIWolfPack MIWolfPack $602.88
Members of MIWolfPack
5154th Richard Michael Cassius Johnson Richard Michael Cassius Johnson $501.13
11405th Kyle Johnson Kyle Johnson $101.75
181st Hoosier Hoes Hoosier Hoes $602.04
Members of Hoosier Hoes
8373rd Kathryn Miller Kathryn Miller $220.81
9589th Robin Shires Robin Shires $163.88
182nd Team Dukes Team Dukes $601.66
Members of Team Dukes
8050th Kimberly Dukes Kimberly Dukes $601.66
183rd Weride4kids Weride4kids $599.73
Members of Weride4kids
11219th Austin Herren Austin Herren $103.50
12659th Lynda Herren Lynda Herren $70
184th Bennett Bunch Bennett Bunch $597.95
Members of Bennett Bunch
4557th Christie Bambery Christie Bambery $525.50
185th Goettl Goettl $596.96
Members of Goettl
4267th Jamie Goettl Jamie Goettl $545.21
186th Twisted Sisters Twisted Sisters $592.86
Members of Twisted Sisters
3700th Amy Sheffield Amy Sheffield $592.86
187th SB Biking Crew SB Biking Crew $589.95
Members of SB Biking Crew
3732nd Louie Botka Louie Botka $589.95
188th Jankowske & Menter riders Jankowske & Menter riders $582.79
Members of Jankowske & Menter riders
3786th Mary Jankowske Mary Jankowske $582.79
189th The Horans The Horans $577.86
Members of The Horans
3839th Jeff Horan Jeff Horan $577.86
190th Martin Fam challenge Martin Fam challenge $575.95
Members of Martin Fam challenge
5019th Jared Martin Jared Martin $503.50
12502nd Lance Martin Lance Martin $72.45
191st Team Global Vision Team Global Vision $573.99
Members of Team Global Vision
3902nd Patricia Scott Patricia Scott $573.99
N/A R.L. Scott R.L. Scott $0
192nd The Pedaling Arbon’s The Pedaling Arbon’s $573.27
Members of The Pedaling Arbon’s
4752nd Aprill Moffitt Arbon Aprill Moffitt Arbon $512.89
13055th butch arbon butch arbon $60.38
193rd JJBull JJBull $561.75
Members of JJBull
4017th Jeff Bullock Jeff Bullock $561.75
194th Pedal Cancer Away Pedal Cancer Away $559.44
Members of Pedal Cancer Away
4050th Colton Elliott Colton Elliott $559.44
N/A Brandi Kendrick Brandi Kendrick $0
N/A Jamie Chase Jamie Chase $0
195th Mark Wilson Mark Wilson $553.73
Members of Mark Wilson
4132nd Mark Wilson Mark Wilson $553.73
196th The Bainbridge Bikers The Bainbridge Bikers $553.15
Members of The Bainbridge Bikers
8548th Mike Cherav Mike Cherav $210.46
16929th Amanda Cheravitch Amanda Cheravitch $16.67
197th Together Together $552.50
Members of Together
4148th Debbi Broderick Debbi Broderick $552.50
198th Team Eli Team Eli $551.93
Members of Team Eli
4159th Robert Eli Robert Eli $551.93
N/A Constance Eli Constance Eli $0
199th Grateful Threads Colorado! Grateful Threads Colorado! $549.03
Members of Grateful Threads Colorado!
6310th Michelle Kelly Michelle Kelly $370.88
13381st Melissa Axton Melissa Axton $51.75
14767th Chris Cicchi Chris Cicchi $38.43
N/A brian kelly brian kelly $0
200th Parietti Parietti $546.69
Members of Parietti
2846th Christina Parietti Christina Parietti $546.69