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Rank Name Raised
201st Hammer time Hammer time $544.99
Members of Hammer time
4264th Mary Jo Hammer Mary Jo Hammer $544.99
N/A Duane Hammer Duane Hammer $0
202nd Tipple triangle Tipple triangle $544.19
Members of Tipple triangle
4655th Eric Centrone Eric Centrone $519.19
16021st Mykkal Wright Mykkal Wright $25
N/A Danielle Dees Danielle Dees $0
N/A Todd Orcutt Todd Orcutt $0
203rd Ride in the SUN Ride in the SUN $538.30
Members of Ride in the SUN
4351st Tom Bush Tom Bush $538.30
204th Hawesome Hawesome $537.21
Members of Hawesome
5549th Ashley Hawe Ashley Hawe $537.21
N/A Matthew Hawe Matthew Hawe $0
205th Watson Party of 6 Watson Party of 6 $536.99
Members of Watson Party of 6
4382nd Kai Chul Watson Kai Chul Watson $536.99
206th Team Thompson Canyon Falls Bike Challenge Team Thompson Canyon Falls Bike Challenge $536.33
Members of Team Thompson Canyon Falls Bike Challenge
5215th Timothy W Thompson Timothy W Thompson $500.10
14941st Judy Thompson Judy Thompson $36.23
207th The Pete’s The Pete’s $533.85
Members of The Pete’s
N/A Scott Petersen Scott Petersen $533.85
208th Cancer Crusaders Cancer Crusaders $532.39
Members of Cancer Crusaders
123rd Jo Flack Jo Flack $527.22
N/A Matt Gear Matt Gear $0
209th The Biers The Biers $531.13
Members of The Biers
4454th Debra Harrison-Lowe Debra Harrison-Lowe $531.13
N/A Sam Bier Sam Bier $0
210th Paws, Pedals N Pints Paws, Pedals N Pints $530.88
Members of Paws, Pedals N Pints
6293rd Chris Voelker Chris Voelker $358.38
N/A Elliot Voelker Elliot Voelker $0
N/A Michael Voelker Michael Voelker $0
211th Team Melissa Team Melissa $529.46
Members of Team Melissa
3299th Justin Conner Justin Conner $529.46
212th Itty Bitty Ditty Committee Itty Bitty Ditty Committee $528.71
Members of Itty Bitty Ditty Committee
4493rd Davyan Rasmussen-Duronslet Davyan Rasmussen-Duronslet $528.71
N/A Samantha Rasmussen Samantha Rasmussen $0
213th McClain Clan McClain Clan $527.86
Members of McClain Clan
5761st Paige McClain Paige McClain $432.97
11785th Bill McClain Bill McClain $94.89
N/A Frank Sasek Frank Sasek $0
N/A Jason McClain Jason McClain $0
214th MarieDianeRoseannLindaLisaLisa MarieDianeRoseannLindaLisaLisa $526.56
Members of MarieDianeRoseannLindaLisaLisa
5861st Michelle Pedicone Michelle Pedicone $423.06
215th Queen of the Road Queen of the Road $526.11
Members of Queen of the Road
4532nd Deirdre Johnston Deirdre Johnston $526.11
216th Stukonis Stukonis $524.41
Members of Stukonis
4574th Aidan Stukonis Aidan Stukonis $524.41
217th The Jayhawks The Jayhawks $523.49
Members of The Jayhawks
4582nd Todd Utech Todd Utech $523.49
218th Super Sam Super Sam $520
Members of Super Sam
N/A Lee Ann Whitmire Lee Ann Whitmire $520
219th Team Louis Team Louis $517.50
Members of Team Louis
N/A Fred Seebinger Fred Seebinger $0
N/A Mike Seebinger Mike Seebinger $0
220th Leukemia Fighters Leukemia Fighters $513.41
Members of Leukemia Fighters
8462nd Robert LeFebvre Robert LeFebvre $215.09
10531st Jarrod Brannan Jarrod Brannan $125.88
10886th Brenda J. Brannan Brenda J. Brannan $115.53
16942nd Channing Brannan Channing Brannan $15.53
16942nd Chennaye Brannan Chennaye Brannan $15.53
16942nd Christian Brannan Christian Brannan $15.53
221st Gavin Gavin $513.13
Members of Gavin
4736th deborah canfield deborah canfield $513.13
222nd The wheel deal The wheel deal $511.59
Members of The wheel deal
4765th Sebastian Montes Sebastian Montes $511.59
N/A Morgan Barker Morgan Barker $0
223rd Bond Squad Bond Squad $508.52
Members of Bond Squad
4839th Hannah Bond Hannah Bond $508.52
224th Mcconaha Mcconaha $507.12
Members of Mcconaha
4877th Miki Mitchell Miki Mitchell $507.12
225th In Memory of Marissa Hailey In Memory of Marissa Hailey $506.94
Members of In Memory of Marissa Hailey
4884th Jonathan Nunez Jonathan Nunez $506.94
226th Lane Gang Lane Gang $506.84
Members of Lane Gang
4914th Dawson Lane Dawson Lane $505.84
17622nd Lisa Wilson Lane Lisa Wilson Lane $1
N/A Clint Lane Clint Lane $0
N/A David Lane David Lane $0
227th Sprains, bangs, bruises Sprains, bangs, bruises $504.80
Members of Sprains, bangs, bruises
7266th Nikki Bowen Nikki Bowen $291.67
8972nd John Broski John Broski $193.13
17189th John Pelletier John Pelletier $10
17189th Kim Pelletier Kim Pelletier $10
228th DJ DJ $503.98
Members of DJ
4984th Danisley Jayson Danisley Jayson $503.98
229th Team Davis Team Davis $503.58
Members of Team Davis
5008th Adam Davis Adam Davis $503.58
230th DoubleA’s DoubleA’s $503.05
Members of DoubleA’s
5034th Allen Barker Allen Barker $503.05
231st H2 H2 $502.95
Members of H2
5040th Michelle Fields Howard Michelle Fields Howard $502.95
232nd Bemis Bemis $502.59
Members of Bemis
5062nd Deb Nelson Bemis Deb Nelson Bemis $502.59
233rd Baby J Baby J $501.13
Members of Baby J
5144th Justin Hubbard Justin Hubbard $501.13
N/A Stephanie Snyder Stephanie Snyder $0
234th CamoMonsters CamoMonsters $500.41
Members of CamoMonsters
5187th RyannShane Sharpe RyannShane Sharpe $500.41
235th Team Almeyda Team Almeyda $500
Members of Team Almeyda
110th Luis Almeyda Luis Almeyda $500
236th Trost trike Trost trike $499.99
Members of Trost trike
5274th Jill Ritter Jill Ritter $499.99
237th Ride for Aunt Patti Ride for Aunt Patti $495.17
Members of Ride for Aunt Patti
3790th Julia Colecchi Julia Colecchi $495.17
238th John/Aaron John/Aaron $493.48
Members of John/Aaron
5319th John Baggott-McLemore John Baggott-McLemore $493.48
239th JRB Racing JRB Racing $492.85
Members of JRB Racing
6447th Laurie Brey Laurie Brey $356.60
10277th Joey Brey Joey Brey $136.25
240th The Copperheads The Copperheads $492.12
Members of The Copperheads
5327th Dan Parsons Dan Parsons $492.12
N/A Lindsay Parsons Lindsay Parsons $0
N/A Molly Parsons Molly Parsons $0
N/A Wes Parsons Wes Parsons $0
241st Manic Mileage Mobsters Manic Mileage Mobsters $487.21
Members of Manic Mileage Mobsters
7350th Jahiro LeFevre Jahiro LeFevre $284.63
8727th Zahrah Micale Zahrah Micale $202.58
N/A Lance Cady Lance Cady $0
N/A Rosa Whisenand Rosa Whisenand $0
242nd Blackey Sisters Blackey Sisters $482.36
Members of Blackey Sisters
5367th Jerrica Crowder Jerrica Crowder $482.36
243rd Team Harp Team Harp $480.25
Members of Team Harp
5381st Harper Myers Harper Myers $480.25
244th T’ Spicy Peppers T’ Spicy Peppers $478.25
Members of T’ Spicy Peppers
123rd T Peppers T Peppers $478.25
245th Laiborne Laiborne $458.33
Members of Laiborne
5547th Jeremiah Osborne Jeremiah Osborne $458.33
N/A Lauren Laichak Lauren Laichak $0
246th Shatter Master Shatter Master $453.42
Members of Shatter Master
5589th Gabriel Day Gabriel Day $453.42
247th Golrick Family Golrick Family $450.93
Members of Golrick Family
7845th Carolyn Bressler Carolyn Bressler $252.23
8866th Elizabeth Toney Elizabeth Toney $198.70
N/A Alanna Hawley Alanna Hawley $0
248th Burkels Green Bay Burkels Green Bay $445.51
Members of Burkels Green Bay
9347th Michelle Ruys Michelle Ruys $174.20
7512th Jean Clement Jean Clement $86.23
12951st Julie Marie Julie Marie $62.11
14941st Suzie Fleming Suzie Fleming $36.23
15153rd Julie McCall Julie McCall $35
15651st Samantha Clement Samantha Clement $31.05
249th Rob's Gladiators Rob's Gladiators $440
Members of Rob's Gladiators
5683rd Dave Hinrichs Dave Hinrichs $440
250th NeonSkye NeonSkye $439.99
Members of NeonSkye
5685th Justin Michie Justin Michie $439.99
N/A Carla Rocha Carla Rocha $0